Mother Cow and Sun Planet

Mahanidhi Swami

Because we are all worshipers and aspiring pure loving devotees of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Gopala, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, this news will deepen, refresh and inspire our loving mood and service toward Gaumata, the eternally pure and sacred Mother Cow.

Although we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the following information, we have often heard this “cow katha” from Gaumata sevakas in Vraja Mandala. Read it, be amazed, and immediately bow down to the next cow you see. And if Gaumata mercifully allows you, then affectionately rub her all-auspicious and purifying divine back.

If you try to always see, remember, touch, respect, serve and love Gaumata, then Sri Sri Govinda Gopala will respect you and love you in return. Always remembers Sri Krishna’s immortal words: “Love Me—Love My Cows!”

Post from I-Net:

Gaumata and Surydeva

(rewritten by Mahanidhi Madan Gopal das)

“Unique among all the different types of animals, the body of our sacred Gaumata has the power to absorb and utilize the auspicious health giving rays of the Sun planet and all the naksatras, celestial stars. Wherever Gaumata stays, one will find the power and influence of all the 27 naksatras or stars like Aswini, Hasta, Svati Anuradha, Citra, Rohini, Dhanistha, etc.

This means that all the benevolent blessings of these divine beings i.e. devis or naksatras, “stars” and their husband Sri Candradeva (the Moon planet) are within the sacred cow, our beloved Gaumata.

The power to absorb these rays is due to the presence of a “Sun Vein” within the sacred body of Gaumata. Sri Krishna’s sacred cows are the ONLY LIVING BEING WITH A SUN VEIN. Gaumata has a Surya Ketu Nadi, a vein within her divine body that is directly connected to Suryadeva, the Sun planet.

This Surya Nadi passes through Gaumata’s backbone and acts to absorb the healing, golden rays of the Sun planet. The interaction of the sunshine and the Surya Nadi produces gold salts in Gaumata’s blood and other bodily fluids which miraculously cure many diseases.

These gold salts end up in Gaumata’s milk to give it that rich, healthy golden glow of the Sun. So this is the mystery behind why Gaumata’s wonderful milk, butter and ghee are all naturally yellow.

No other animal produces golden colored milk. Ancient scriptures state that the “Suryaketu Nadi” nerve on Gaumata’s back also absorbs harmful radiations from the atmosphere and cleanses it.

Thus the mere presence of Gaumata is all-auspicious, beneficial, health giving, and purifying for you, me and the entire environment.” Sri Gaumata ki jai! Gauseva ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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