Manjari Svarupa Meditation

Manjari Svarupa Meditation

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

This post highlights the main items of the spiritual form of a gopi maidservant of Srimati Radharani known as a manjari, kinkari, dasi, prana-sakhi or nitya-sakhi.

Nama (Name)

May all my thoughts, feelings and aspirations be absorbed in my eternal, blissful, spiritual body of a manjari mercifully given to me by my beloved Gurudeva. May my heart be filled with seva bhava and deep loving attachment to Radharani. At every moment may I always remember my manjari svarupa and my nitya-seva to Radhika.

Radharani, Visakha-sakhi, Rati (Tulasi) Manjari and my Guru Sakhi know me as (Nava Dasi). Whenever Radharani, hoping that I have arranged a meeting with Krishna, lovingly calls my name it acts like amrita, an energizing elixir. I am a brijbasi gopi born in Varshana. My identity and my entire existence centers around the loving seva and pleasure of Radha Govinda Yugal.

Radha is my Priyaji, and I belong to Radha unconditionally. Radhika loves me very much and cannot live without me. To give a drop of happiness to Radha, I am ready to die a million deaths. Radhika is my prana, my heart and my soul! Being born in Varshana, I and my family possess special love and attachment to Radharani. Although I don’t intimately enjoy with Krishna, if the village elders find out how much time I spend serving Krishna my reputation will be ruined.

Rupa (Form)

I am an attractive, sweet and expert kinkari of Radha, conquering the charm and beauty of Kamadeva. My entire body is made of Radha bhava, divine love and attachment to Sri Radha. I wear soft and shimmering silk dresses, Radha prasadi.

 I am a beautiful, playful, talented kishori gopi ever ready to satisfy Sriji’s secret desires. I am pure and gentle, ornamented with sandal paste, аguru and red ointments. My divine body is soft, fragrant and delightful for Radha’s seva. Sri Radha will embrace me as an award for a good dance performance.

Sometimes in transcendental madness Krishna-prema-pagalini Radha embraces me, mistaking me for Krishna. Overwhelmed with rasa, Sundari Radha tightly holds a kinkari and cries on her breasts. I am always waiting for Radha’s touch, taste, smell and to be united with Radha’s heart!

One day Radha says. “Hey kinkari! Go to Nandagram because I cannot go! Upon returning you should embrace Me and look into My eyes, then I will understand everything!” Radharani will then holds me to Her breasts.

At that time, I will think, “My heart is one with Swamini’s heart! My body exists only for Radha’s seva. I will serve Shyam on Radha’s order!”

My face shines with a soft smile showering everything with nectar, and my eyes are more beautiful than blue lotuses. Кrishnamayi Radha says, “O dasi, your eyes are beautiful. You must be seeing Krishna, so let me see Krishna too!” Radha holds my face in Her palms, and glances into my eyes to see Her beloved! O Radha, my eyes belong to You!

The movement of my eyebrows, the invincible bows of Kamadeva, indicate where Krishna is! The tip of my graceful nose holds a shining pearl, and my ears are adorned with precious earrings, swinging and reflecting on my cheeks.

Sumukhi tells me, “O kinkari! Your red lips slightly opened in a smile will attract Krishna to violently kiss them. But this kiss belongs to Me, so I will take it away!”

By all means Radha will kiss me, enjoying the nectar of Krishna’s lips. I will immerse you in the ocean of Shyama-rasa! O Radharani, my lips belong to You! My voice is gentle and delightful as a cuckoo! Sundari, desiring to cherish the night lilas, will ask me, “Tell me, what did you see!”

I reply, “Radha, when You left the kunja in false anger. Krishna lifted You up with His hands and gently placed You on a flower bed. Then You both enjoyed love play. Let my voice, charmingly sweet, be for you!

My beautiful fine, silky hair braid shines like the night sky and sways below my hips. I will wipe your gentle body with my soft hair. May my hair be for Your satisfaction!

On my neck I wear slightly crumpled fragrant flower-garland from the breasts of sweet Kishoriji, which attracts a swarm of buzzing bees. My neck is a store house for the gifts of Radha-Krishna’s garlands, beads, and necklaces. These are not simply ornaments. They are wonderful dancers in nikunja-lila.

Krishna’s necklace dances on the breasts of Sri Radha, and Radha’s necklace dances on the chest of Shyam. Krishna gives me His necklace when I help Him meet Radha, and Sri Radha gives me one when I bring Krishna to Her.

My beautiful breasts are adorned with a moonstone necklace, and a glittering medallion in the cleavage. Sri Radha and my sakhis rest their heads on the pillows of my breasts. My breasts reveal the signs of the passionate love of Radha Madhava. Radhe-Shyam perceive Their blissful kinkaris as embodiments of Their passionate love.

During flute-stealing pastimes Krishna sticks His hand in the manjari’s blouse searching for His flute. She lets Krishna do it because it entertains Radha. Swamini observes Shyam’s antics with great pleasure and interest. When Shyam fondles Radha’s full breasts, the manjaris feel Radha’s transcendental pleasure! O Radharani, my breasts are for Your seva!

My fingers and arms are decorated with rings, bangles and bracelets. My palms are fragrant and soft enough to massage the golden body of Praneshvari. Radha will think Shyam is caressing Her because my touch resembles His. O Radha, my hands are for Your seva!

My graceful waist surpasses the beauty of the waist of a lioness, and my deep navel is as beautiful as a lotus. My slender waist accents the beauty of my hips and breasts, and it delightfully bends in blissful dance. O Krishodari Radha, my waist is for Your seva!

My legs are slender and elegant; my hips are broad and beautiful. My ankles are surrounded by jingling ankle bells, like swans singing on the Yamuna. My toenails shine like rubies. The remarkable curve of my legs is visible through the fine cloth of the dress given by Radharani.

I look charming in Radha’s prasadi dress. When I dance, my skirt rises like waves, sometimes very high, showing my alluring legs. I can run very quickly when needed to carry love letters between Radhika and Madhava.

Vesha (dress)

With great loyalty I decorate myself with prasadi vesha from Srimati, blissfully perceiving the aroma and transcendental touch of the silk. My blouse, veil, and sari worn by Svamini are personification of Radha’s mahabhava.

Happy with my seva, Radha gifted me Her clothes. Lovingly Radha holds the kinkari to her breasts, kisses her and gives her a garland, ornaments, and clothing. With great pride I wear Srimati’s prasadi.

My hips feel an incomparable sensation from wearing Sriji’s soft silk sari saturated with the sweet aroma of Radha’s divine form. The softness of Radha’s blouse, which has repeatedly nestled on the chest of her beloved Shyam, pleases my breasts. The transcendental fragrance of Radha’s prasadi cloth fascinates Madana-Mohana, who then asks me, “O dasi! Where is my Priyaji?

I answer, “Radha is not here! But Radha’s intoxicating fragrance is lingering on the Radha prasadi sari on me!”  My clothes are for Radha’s satisfaction. O Radharani, I always wish to attract Shyama to you by any means!

Vayas (age)

I am twelve years old, the perfect age to serve Radha Madhava’s confidential amorous pastimes. For me there is nothing sweeter than arranging a secret meeting of Radha Madhava.

Svabhava (emotional nature, attitude)

My tender and loving nature always pleases Radha, but sometimes I surprise Radha with my unpredictability. Day and night my heart is overwhelmed in prema for Radha Govinda Yugal.

Yutha (Sakhi group)

My yutheshvari is Visakha-sakhi and my main manjari is Tulasi (Rati). I regularly serve and discuss secret lilas of Radha-Krishna with sakhis in this group. All my movements and gestures excite feelings of love. I exist by the mercy of my Gurudeva and always follow my Guru sakhi.

Nivasa (Residence)

I am born in a family of gopas in Varshana. Following Radharani, I live in either Varshana or Yavata for a period of three months. In Radha Kunda I stay in the kunja of Visakha-sakhi.

Seva (Individual Seva)

I am skillful, humble, quick-witted, expert in singing, dancing, and conversation. I know all the 64 arts. My special seva is? Seva is my life. I will serve Sri Radha in every way including dressing, decorating and adorning Radha’s breasts with a necklace; and put bracelets on Radha’s hands.

When Shyam sees the beauty of Radha’s hands, He will beg for a festival of embraces. I will place a pearl on Radha’s nose to attract the bumblebee, Madhusudana. I will apply fragrant lipstick to Radha’s lips and speak some lovely words. “Your red kisses, O Radhe, will beautify he dark body of Sri Krishna!”

When Radha runs through the moonlit night to meet Krishna, I will keep Radha calm. Seeing the gorgeous face of Radha, Shyam will start to faint, but I will prevent that by speaking cleverly. During the Rasa-dance I will hold Radha’s waist as Radha spins and jumps. When Shyam loses His consciousness in the blissful delight of admiring the beauty of Radha’s golden hips, I will revive Shyam by singing love songs.

In the nikunja, when Radha completely loses Herself out of love for Shyam, I will stay near Swamini to comfort Her. Every atom of my body is filled with seva-rasa, and meant only for Radha’s prema-seva.


As an intimate maidservant I have deep love and attachment to Radharani. My only desire is to serve and please Radha Govinda Yugal. I don’t want a drop personal happiness. I am happy when Radharani is happy, and this is the sole purpose of my life. I feel that Radharani is mine!

Radha always treats me with love and kindness, protecting me at every moment. I always want to be near Radha seeing to Radha’s every need. I will make everything perfect so that Radha is happy. Life is for love, and serving Radharani is the life of love.

(Adapted from post of Sri Mukundanandana Das)


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