Krishna Nectar Lilas part 18 “Gopal Runs Away”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Gopal Runs Away

In a fearful yet playful mood Krsna ran through the butter and romped from room to room engaging in more mischief. Stealthily entering the milk storeroom, Krsna quickly ate small amounts of freshly churned butter from various pots.

From relishing His favorite food He soon felt satisfied and gave up His anger. Then Sri Hari, who is worshiped by all the demigods, snatched a pot of butter and ran into the courtyard.

The pastimes Krsna enjoyed at this time appeared to be classic performances on a dramatic stage. While standing on a grinding mortar in the courtyard and anxiously looking around for mother Yasoda, Krsna fed fresh butter to all the assembled children and monkeys. The fortunate Yasoda, whose jewel-like son benedicts the entire creation, took the boiling milk off stove and returned to Krsna.

The fame of attaining Krsna as her son enhanced the brilliant beauty of Yasoda’s body. She wanted to embrace her son and console Him, but not finding Him there she became morose. In a mood of lamentation she frantically searched everywhere for Krsna. She found some broken pots emitting innumerable streams of yogurt that flowed across the floor making it slippery and white in color. Out of anger, Krsna had smashed many clay pots, which now lay strewn on the floor in hundreds of pieces.

Mother Yasoda thought, “Alas! What has happened? Why is this yogurt pot broken?” At first she could not understand, but upon seeing a small rock she concluded that Krsna had perpetrated this naughty act. With a look of surprise mother Yasoda touched the tip of her nose with the index finger of her beautiful left hand and thought, “How could my child show such impudence? I tried so patiently to train Him properly, so how could He behave so horribly.”

Although no impurities resided in her heart, Yasoda appeared to manifest a special form of motherly pride. Showing false anger, she thought, “The glories of my son’s transcendental pastimes are unlimited. His every action increases His own pride and pleasure while simultaneously creating a festival for one and all. He derives boundless happiness by His constant pastimes of stealing.”

As soon as Krsna, who enchants the demigods with His beautiful body the color of a monsoon cloud, saw mother Yasoda coming out of the house, He jumped up in fear and ran away as fast as possible. Expertly understanding the human-like nature of her son, Yasoda chased after Him calling, “Stop running! Stop! 0 You foremost cheater in the world!”

Krsna kept looking fearfully back over His shoulder while running away from Yasoda. Though Yasoda felt fatigued and mentally distressed, her body, arms, and legs looked very beautiful as she pursued her mischievous son.

Full of pride and anger, Yasoda continued shouting to Krsna, “Stop You thief and liar! How can you carry on like this? Where are You going? Just stop running and stand where You are!”

Krsna said, “I will stop if you drop your stick.” After saying this Krsna stopped running away, but kept a safe distance from His mother. Yasoda said, “If You are so afraid of being punished, then why did You break my yogurt pot today?”

Krsna said, “I will never do it again. Now just drop the stick from your hand.” Yasoda’s mind turned into an abode of amazement as she tried to approach her son. But seeing her angry mood, Krsna quickly ran away again while speaking in a distressed tone, “Mother! Please drop that big stick and do not punish Me! O sinless one, if you do this I will come to you.” After hearing Krsna’s innocent appeal Yasoda dropped the stick.

Seeing this, Krsna stopped running. Absorbed in watching Krsna’s transcendental pastimes, the immortal denizens of heaven felt totally amazed. One can easily understand how powerful demigods like Lord Brahma, who lives for trillions of years, became upset and bewildered upon seeing Krsna’s pastime of showing fear before His mother. They could not fathom how the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is feared by fear personified, ran away in fear of a stick in His mother’s hand.

The fine hairs curling over Yasoda’s face dripped with perspiration and her blouse moved from her heavy breathing. Her hair hung loose from running and her lotus face appeared exhausted. When she caught Krsna’s hand He said, “Mother please do not beat Me.”

While saying this Krsna rubbed His tear-filled lotus eyes with His delicate palms which resembled the petals of a fresh lotus flower.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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