How Much Krishna Loves Radha

Mahanidhi Swami

No one other than Srimati Radharani can describe the extent of Sri Krishna’s love and attachment to Her. The Gaudiya Vaisnava mahajana poets have directly perceived this, along with the experiencing the endless beauty and sweetness of Radha and Krishna together.

Afterwards, these parama bhakta poets have written delightfully tasty (rasika) descriptions of what they have personally seen and realized in their meditations. Their poems are masterpieces of language, music and bhava. They are also perfect compositions of Gaudiya siddhanta and rasa tattva, the truth and taste of prema.

The following quotes of renowned Gaudiya padakartas, poets, wonderfully shows how much Sri Krishna loves His beautiful sweetheart Radhika. Read them and relish the nectar from the land of lila.

One day, Radha sat with Her girlfriends in a secluded kunja in the middle of a forest bower. They were relishing Hari-katha together, when suddenly Radharani started speaking very candidly about Krishna.

Sri Radha said, “O sakhis! I know My beloved Shyama really loves Me! From everything that I have seen and heard, it is very clear that Shyama has given His full heart to Me!

“For example, when I bathe at one bathing ghata, Shyama bathes in the next one. And when by chance some water splashes from My body onto Shyama’s, He comes running towards Me with wide-open arms. Just to touch at least My clothes, Krishna gives His clothes to the same washer man.

“When Hari hears even half a syllable of My name “RA” He becomes very happy. Just to touch My shadow, Shyama runs this way and that along the ground. And wherever the breeze from My body blows, Bihariji turns His face in that direction. O sakhis! That Madana Gopala just can’t find enough ways to express His eager mind!”

But this Raya Shekhara (padakarta), a servant at Shyama’s feet, knows something of it.

At another time, Radha said, “Shyama doesn’t even dream about Himself anymore. My dearest doesn’t listen to anything else! He just stares at My face without blinking!” (padakarta Jnana das)

“It was once asked, ‘Why does rasika Madana Mohana wear the Kaustubha jewel around His neck?’ Krishna does this so He can embrace Sri Radha’s reflection in the jewel!” (Dr. Haripada Shila)

Now Krishna will personally reveal how much He dearly loves Srimati Radhika. One day Govinda confided to a gopa friend, “O sakha! This girl steals My heart! And now My eyes are restlessly looking down the road, hoping to catch a glimpse of Her! And after She stole My eyes and My mind, My heart has become empty!” (padakarta Govinda das)

Sri Krishna continued, “O sakha! Can you tell me which Creator has brought this nectar-ocean named Radhika to earth? When I hear Radha’s voice, I become overwhelmed and I fall in a swoon. What more can I say?

“When these two syllables “RA” & “DHA” enter My ears, My heart starts burning. O My dear gopa friend! I can’t understand what’s happening. I don’t know what to do. What should I do? My whole body is shivering, and I can’t keep My composure anymore! (padakarta Chandi das)

Hladini Shakti Madanakhya Mahabhavati Radharani ki jai!

Rasika Shekara Vrindavana Nagar Shiromani Shyamasundara ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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