Holi In The Heart

By: Mahanidhi Swami

Filled with erotic desires, Syama shines like a moon in the Vrndavana forest as He enjoys pastimes of throwing red powder. A blissful reddish wave – filled river of spiritual love flows amidst the circle of beautiful gopis. Radhika, the topmost heroine of amorous pastimes, showers red powder on Syama. Kandarpa Raja Krsna, the King of amorous pastimes, then kisses Radha’s face. Kishori’s moon-faced gopi friends filled with wonder gather together to attack Krsna. Trembling, they bombard Krsna, snatch His flute and run away. The karatalas declare, “Bhali! Bhali! Bhali!!” And everyone shouts, “Ho! Ho! Holi!” The ground is red with powder, the trees saplings are red and every being moving on the ground or in the water is one color only. The water is red, the lotuses are red and now even Govinda das’s heart is covered red (and I hope yours is too).

Jay Jay Sri Radhe

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