Wonderful Radha Kunda part four

Mahanidhi Swami


For fifty years, the sweet glories of Sri Radha-kunda and the service of Srimati Radharani in manjari-bhava have been broadcast worldwide by the esteemed Mahantaji of Radha-kunda, Srila Ananta Dasaji Maharaja.


What follows are a few of the gems collected from ocean of Babaji Maharaja’s deep love for Srimati Radharani and Sri Radha-kunda. May all the bhaktas relish these realizations with the utmost humility and gratitude.


Sri Ananta Dasaji Maharaja

Priyaji’s Sarasi [Radha-kunda] is most dear to those whose everything is the service of Sri Radhika’s lotus feet. (Vilapa Kusumanjali 15 p.)


Radha-kunda and Shyama-kunda will be merciful to anyone who is sincerely and earnestly surrendered. And they will bless such a soul by showing him the pastimes that are taking place there. (Vraja Vilasa Stava 52 p.)


For the sake of Her daily bath at Manasa Pavana Ghata, Srimati personally decorated Sri Shyama-kunda with a flight of stairs. (VVS 58 p.)


Radha-kunda and Shyama-kunda are non-different from Sri Sri Radha-Madhava. As Sri Krishna embraces His Priyaji with the greatest love, similarly Sri Shyama-kunda  lovingly embraces Sri Radha-kunda [at the Sangama] which is non-different from Srimati Radharani. (VVS 58 p.)


The attraction to reside at Sri Radha-kunda awakens within the heart of a person who is totally fixed on Sri Radha’s lotus feet. And in life or in death they don’t know anything but Radha’s lotus feet. (VVS 58 p.)


Srimati Radharani most carefully bathes in Shyama-kunda every day and thus attains the pinnacle of bliss. Sri Radha loves Shyama-kunda as much as She loves Shyama.  (Sri Visakhanandada Stotram 26 p.)


Sri Radha-kunda is the limitlessly beautiful crown jewel of Vraja, [Vraja Mukuta Mani]. (Vilapa Kusumanjali 15 p.)


The most fortunate souls can live on the banks of Sri Radha-kunda, and that fortune is Radharani’s personal mercy upon them. (Vilapa Kusumanjali 15 p.)


The water that fills Radha-kunda and Shyama-kunda is not actually water, it is the splendid spiritual erotic flavour of Radha-Madhava’a pastimes! (Vilapa Kusumanjali 15 p.)


The desire vine of love for Kåñëa will blossom for even an ignorant and unqualified person who performs some service at Radha-kunda in the form of bathing, living there, seeing or touching Radha-kunda, and it will bear the fruits of Radha service. (Vilapa Kusumanjali 15 p.)


O Radha, Because Radha-kunda is Your [Radha] dearmost place I will surely receive Your mercy by taking shelter of it! Surely one day Your loving pastimes in

this lake will appear before the spiritualised eyes of an unfortunate soul like me!” (Vilapa Kusumanjali 97 p.)


Without making any distinction between who is qualified and who is not, Sri Radha-kunda blesses everyone who performs some devotional service there with the treasure of love of God, even if they do not perform any sadhana bhajana. (Vilapa Kusumanjali 98 p.) Shyama-kunda Radha-kunda ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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