Mahanidhi Swami

When Mahaprabhu came to Benares, a local Brahmin narrated His transcendental glories to Sri Prakashananda, a famous Advaitin acharya.

The Advaitin then laughed very much (bahuta hasila) and criticized Mahaprabhu: “Yes, I heard He is called Chaitanya. He has hypnotized a bunch of sentimental followers into believing He is Ishvara. And now they dance around like madmen!”

Feeling very much aggrieved to hear this, the Brahmin immediately left and went to describe his meeting: “O Mahaprabhu! Although he offended You that Advaitin said Your name, “Chaitanya Chaitanya Chaitanya”. But why could he not say “KRISHNA?”

Sri Krishna Chaitanya replied, “The Mayavadi Advaitins are Krishna aparadhis. Thus they only keep saying ‘brahma’, ‘atma’ ‘chaitanya’ kahe niravadhi. (129) Therefore, Krishna nama never manifests in their mouths.

“Krishna’s name and transcendental form are identical, krishna nama krishna svarupa duita samana. (130) Sri Krishna’s name, murti and personal form are one form of transcendental blissful consciousness, nama vigraha svarupa, cid ananda rupa. There is no difference between them. (131)

“There is no difference between Krishna’s transcendental body and Himself or between His name and Himself. But by nature the jiva’s name, body and soul are all different. (132)

deha dehira nama namira, krishne nahi bheda
jivera dharma nama deha, svarupe vibheda

“Therefore, Krishna’s transcendental name, form and intimate pastimes are not perceptible or self-manifest to the material senses. (134)

ataeva krishnera nama, deha vilasa
prakrtendriya grahya nahe, haya sva-prakasha

“Sri Krishna Himself and His name, qualities, and pastimes are all equal in transcendental consciousness and bliss. (135)

Krishna nama krishna guna, krishna lila vrnda
Krishnera svarupa sama, saba cid ananda

“The complete absolute bliss of Krishna’s lila rasa forcibly pulls the jnanis away from brahman bliss of and conquers their souls.”(137) [i.e. Sri Shuka Muni]

brahmananda haite purna, ananda lila rasa
brahma jnani akarshiya, kare atma vasha

These are Sriman Mahaprabhu’s direct and personal teachings on the glories of Sri Krishna’s Divine Names. During His discourse, however, Sri Chaitanya spoke the following two essential verses about Nama Tattva that all devotees should know, memorize and remember while chanting Sri Harinama japa and kirtana.

nama cintamanih krishnash, chaitanya rasa vigrahah
purnah shuddho nitya-mukto, bhinnatvan nama naminoh

“The peerless gem of Krishna’s transcendental name fulfills all thoughts and desires. Nama Prabhu is the living form of consciousness and divine loving rapture. Krishna nama is completely immaculate—ever existing on the transcendental plane.”

atah sri krishna namadi, na bhaved grahyam indriyaih
sevonmukhe hi jihvadau, svayam eva sphuraty adah

“Sri Krishna’s transcendental names, forms, qualities and pastimes cannot be perceived by the material senses. However, they all automatically self-manifest [svayam sphurti] on the tongue and other senses of one with a service attitude [seva mukha].” (Caitanya Caritamrita 2.17.114-137)

Sri Harinama ki jai! Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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