Freedom And Vision In Married Life

By:Mahanidhi Swami

Just imagine how spiritually advanced we would be if every day we utilized just one-fourth of the energy we expend to maintain our families, to engage in spiritual practices? By doing this we would surely attain a solid foundation in pure devotion to Radha-Krishna. But as married folks where do we get the power to be determined and push on forcefully in sadhana?

Super strength comes from one’s daily personal bhajana and sadhu-sanga. By this combination you will attain two freedoms. You’ll get free from the illusion that “I am the doer”, and you’ll get free from the stranglehold of household attachments.

And by this, something very special called “Vraja Vision” will also gradually arise in your heart to give you a totally new outlook to life. “Vraja Vision” means to start seeing your wife, children and family members as persons meant for Sri Krishna’s pleasure, and to stop seeing them as objects for your personal enjoyment.

Turn your “home sweet home” into Krishna’s sweet serving temple by keeping Sri Krishna in the center of your heart, mind and actions. When you come home at night, you should think you’re entering your temple to serve your beloved Thakurji Sri Krishna. Then engage all and arrange everything for the Lord’s happiness and see the result!

Lastly, here’s a reminder of some essential DAILY TEACHINGS for family folks or anyone desiring spiritual perfection in this lifetime:

1) Continually cultivate DEP: determination, enthusiasm, and patience

in your daily sadhana of hearing and chanting about Gaura Radha Govinda Yugala.

2) Always avoid gossip and bad folks.

3) Heartfully serve Sri Hari, Sri Guru and Vaisnavas.

4) Chant Sri Harinama with purity of purpose and intensity of feelings.

5) Associate with saintly people.

6) Hear the sweet pastimes of Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Radha-Shyamasundara.

Gaura-Vishnupriya ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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