Does Guru Come Back for Me

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Some say that the Guru-vandanam verse “chakshu dan dilo ye, janme janme prabhu sei” refers to the principle of guru-tattva. It does not mean that one’s present individual guru appears again in the next life to help his unaccomplished disciple.

This idea is wrong and not supported by Srila Narottama dasa Thakura’s song as quoted above. In the verse, the words ye and sei refer to an individual person. It is not that someone else becomes your Guru in the next life.

Regarding the guru returning to reclaim his disciples, there are four types of shisyas: the sadhana siddha disciple; the sincere loving disciple; the casual disciple; and the guru-tyagi who rejects the guru and bhakti.

1) For a SIDDHA SHISHYA: Gurudeva appears as guru-rupa sakhi only as indicated by the phrase “nikunja yunoh rati-keli siddhyaih ya yalibhir yuktir apekshaniya”.

2) For the sincere, LOVING SHISHYA: Gurudeva will re-appear in his selfsame form, exactly like the person you knew and served throughout your life. It cannot but be.

The tattva to prove this point is given by Bhagavan Sri Krishna Himself in Gita (8.6): yam yam vapi smaran bhavan, tyajant yante kalevaram, “The bhava (mood, feeling, emotion) you contemplate while leaving your body will direct you to your next.”

Now please consider this example: For your entire life, you meditated on the form, features and characteristics of your dearest Gurudeva. So how can you possibly receive another Guru having different features or form in your next life? Krishna asserts that “You will surely attain that (tam tam evaiti) which you always directed your love, feelings and bhava toward. In other words, your very own individual Guru will appear in the self-same form, easily recognizable to your mind and senses.

Jai Sad Guru ki jai. “O Gurudeva! Surely, I am yours and you are my loving guide and friend life after life after life and on through eternity.”

3) Casual Shishya: He/She somewhat adheres to the principles and practices of the bhakti marga. In the next life, he will get some Guru but not the same one as this life; it may be anyone.

4) Guru Tyagi: For a guru/bhakti marga renouncer, there will be no bhakti-guru in the next life. (adapted, madangopal blog)

The conclusion is that Sri Guru is always there for the sincere sadhaka. Bhagavan Sri Krishna extends His mercy and sweet affection to conditioned souls through the medium of Sri Guru. Let’s us all be loving shisyas of our dear Gurus and see His sweet smile forever.

Sri Sad Gurudeva ki jai! Samasti Guru Bhagavan Sri Krishna ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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