21 Blissful Glimpes

By Mahanidhi Swami

In the world of mundane experience, one sometimes hears the phrase, “Never a Dull Moment”. But in reality, almost everyone is just passing through very dull lives filled with endless moments of boredom. When one turns to sastras, however, one finds a spiritual world wherein Bhagavan Sri Krishna and His loving companions are experiencing an endless sweet flow of ecstatic pastimes rolling on for time eternal.

What follows are some amazing brief descriptions of the Divine Pair Sri-Sri Radha-Krishna’s spiritual enjoyments (sambhoga-vilasa). They are intriguing glimpses of exciting moments in transcendence, which when meditated upon by pure minded sadhakas chanting Harinama, can expand into fully blossoming lotus flowers of sweet rasa-filled lilas. So now let the Holy Names of Radha and Krishna arise in your heart while you try to see these exhilarating moments of love divine.

When Radha-Madhava meet, the following joyful transcendental exchanges usually happen:

  1. Seeing each other;
  2. Speaking and arguing;
  3. Touching;
  4. Blocking the path;
  5. Rasa dance;
  6. Sporting in Vrnda’s forests;
  7. Playing in Yamunaji;
  8. Boating pastimes;
  9. Stealing the flute, clothes, flowers, etc;
  10. Tax pastimes;
  11. Hiding in a bower;
  12. Drinking honey-flower nectar;
  13. Krishna dressing as a woman;
  14. Pretending to sleep;
  15. Throwing dice for wagers;
  16. Pulling or stealing clothing;
  17. Kissing;
  18. Embracing;
  19. Scratching;
  20. Mutual tasting of nectar lips;
  21. Transcendental amorous union;

(Ujjvala-nilamani 15.224)

Sri Sri Radha-Krishna’s transcendental Vraja-lila ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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