A terrible defeat for Syama

By Mahanidhi Swami

After Syama Nagara loses the battle of Holi, the Vraja gopis surround Him to prevent His escape. They smother Syama in red powder, so much so that He cannot open His eyes. The gopis shout, “Hey Syama, You lost! You lost! You lost!” Krsna’s murali and peacock feather crown have fallen on the ground. Thus the gopis laugh and clap their hands. Syamasundars’s clothes are red and soaked in perspiration. Out of compassion, Radhika places Krsna on the throwne and then sits beside Him to tenderly wipe His face with Her veil. Rati Manjari relieves Their fatigue by fanning with a camara. Rupa Manjari offers pan and Guna Manjari offers scented water for drinking. The eyes of Mohandas become completely satisfied by witnessing this ecstatic pastime.

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