Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Scholars say the Brahma Vaivarta Purana is one of the most interpolated Puranas. The following verse is often quoted to prove existence of a 10,000-year golden era in Kali-yuga.

However, this point is not mentioned anywhere in the books of the Gaudiya Acharyas.

sri-bhagavan -uvaca
kaler -dasha-sahasrani

mad -bhaktah -santi -bhu-tale
eka -varna -bhavishyani
mad -bhakteshu -gateshu -ca


Bhagavan Sri Krishna said, “For 10,000 years of Kali-yuga My devotees will exist on earth. After the departure of My devotees there will be only one varna.” (Brahma-vaivarta Purana text 59)

Comment: Out of 10,000 years, five thousand have already passed. So only 5000 years remain; not 10,000 years. This verse says NOTHING ABOUT A GOLDEN AGE!

So, the idea of 10,000 year period of a golden age is not supported by this verse. However, the verse is reminding all of us:

“You only have 5,000 more years left (60 births) to chant the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra, become a pure Krishna bhakta, and attain the eternal loving seva of Radha-Krishna in Vrindavan!”

[courtesy Pandit Satyanarayan Dasji & Sri Advaita Dasji]

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