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Mahanidhi Swami


The word paddhati means a few verses or even a small book of mantras, prayers, pujas and instructions meant to guide a sadhaka in successful bhajana. Dhyana Chandra Goswami, a grand-disciple of Mahaprabhu parishad, Pandita Sri Vakreshvara Ji, wrote the famous Paddhati Traya to help sadhakas attain the eternal seva of Srimati Radharani in manjari bhava.


Sri Rupa Gosvami’s Stava Mala contains a small paddhati of only seven verses praising Sri Radha. It concludes with very wonderful prayers of humble surrender petitioning Priyaji for Her eternal service.


Reciting, imbibing, feeling and realizing the deeper import of the following prayers from that paddhati will enrich the devotional hearts of all sadhakas.


“[O Sri Radharani!] I am full of offenses, have wicked intelligence and I am unqualified in all respects. But still I beg You, Sri Radha: ‘You are Karunamayi, so please give me the matchless gift of a little seva at Your lotus feet.’”

krtagaske py ayoge pi, jane smin kumatav api

dasya dana pradanasya, lavam apy upapadaya


“O most merciful Radharani! Your butter-like, tender heart is always melting with the warmth of Your compassion. So please don’t neglect this most pitiable person.”

yuktas tvaya jano naiva, duhkhito yam upekshitum

krpa dyota drava citta, navanitasi yat sada    (Sri Prarthana-paddhati 6, 7)

Sri Rupa Gosvamipada ki jai! Begging Radha for krpa ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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