Rasika Tilaka Meanings

Mahanidhi Swami

Puranas and Goswami granthas say that the Bhagavan nama chanted while marking each part of the body with gopi-chanda are different forms of Sri Vishnu. With their rasika vision, however, Gaudiya Vaisnava’s see Vrindavana Sri Krishna and Srimati Radharani in each of the 13 tilaka names chanted while applying tilaka. Here we present the rasika tilaka meanings to help everyone remember Radha-Krishna Yugala in Vraja Dhama whenever they apply tilaka.

Rasika Meaning of Tilak Names

Narayana=== Krishna rests on water in Vraja when shows gopis Sheshashayi lila.

Madhavaya===Krishna, who runs (dhava) after Srimati Radhika (ma=Sri Lakshmi Devi).

Govindaya=== Krishna pervades n fully delights (vindate) the senses (go) of the gopis.

Viṣṇave namaḥ=== Krishna is all-pervading within the gopis’ hearts, minds and bodies.

Vamanaya===Krishna is a naughty but simple cowherd boy.

Damodaraya===Nivi Damodara, Krishna, bound by Radha’s underwear string (nivi) for  showing up late.

Padmanabhaya===Krishna’s navel looks like a blossoming lotus.

Sridharaya===Krishna tightly holds (dhara) Sri Radha in His loving embrace.

Hrshikeshaya===Krishna tastes bliss in controlling the gopis’ senses.

Madhusundanaya=== Shyama always drinks the sweet nectar of Radharani’s lips.

Trivikramāya namaḥ===Krishna has many features and dances in rasa with three (tri) special (vi) dance steps, krama.

Keshavaya===Krishna expertly combs and brushes Kishori’s long black silky tresses.

(source: Gurudeva, Advaita dasji n md)

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    Jay Gurudev das says:

    Dandavats Pranams Babaji Maharaj
    and what is the Rasika meaning of the Vasudevaya name that we apply in our head at the end?
    Thanks for the nectar


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