Radharani’s Manjaris: Tattva & Lilas 043 “Devi Radha Bhashita Lila”

Devi Radha Bhashita Lila

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

This series of posts presents the facts (tattva) regarding the identity, moods (gopi-bhava), intimacy and sevas of Srimati Radharani’s beautiful, talented handmaidens known as manjaris, kinkaris, or dasis. Many wonderful lilas are also presented to highlight the manjaris intimate sevas to Srimati Radhika and Her beloved Krishna.

The information here comes from the commentaries of Advaitavamsa Acharya 108 Sri Ananda Gopala Goswami and 108 Sri Ananta Dasa Babaji Maharaja on “Vilapa Kusumanjali” and “Radha Rasa Sudhanidhi” translated by Sri Advaita Dasji.

Devi Radha Bhashita Lila

After entering Radha’s quarters, grandmother Mukharaji says: “O Radhe! It’s so late, aren’t You doing Surya-puja today?” Srimati smiles slightly and says, “I thought of sending someone else out to do it today!”

Mukharaji jokingly replies: “Your sakhis may do Your Surya-puja, but will You let them do Your Mitra-puja?” [Mitra means sun and friend, Krishna] Hearing these joking words of Her maternal grandmother, Radharani smiles bashfully.

One day Tulasi Manjari takes Swamini to meet Krishna in a kunja. Although Radha is unwilling and tells Krishna, “Don’t touch Me!” She smiles at the same time.

Seeing this, Tulasi Manjari thinks, ‘Madhuri’s mouth says, “Don’t touch Me!”, but Radha’s heart says, “Touch Me!” and this is visible in Radha’s excited eyes. Radha’s ‘Yes’ has swallowed Her ‘no’.

Understanding Radha’s desire, Tulasi Manjari hints to Shyam to embrace Kishori. Radha’s speech is like nectar, bhashita piyusham, mixed with the camphor of Her soothing smile! (VK 84)

The language of Hrimati’s heart is revealed through Her smile. Tulasi Manjari eagerly desires to see this smile and hear such rasika talks, and so do we. Tulasi Manjari and all manjari bhava sadhakas feel blessed to hear these humorous nectarean words.

Tattva: Experiencing Transcendental Bliss

Whether Radha Govinda are meeting or separated, Sri Raghunatha always relishes the sweetness of Radha Madhava manifesting as divine euphoria or agonizing pain. The constant flow of nitya-lila in Vraja Gokula can always be experienced in the hearts of the fortunate.

To encourage all raganuga bhaktas steadily and faithfully practicing Radha-Krishna asta-kaliya-lila smarana, Sripad Pandit Sri Ananta Dasji Maharaja says:

“Sometimes visions of nitya-lila may appear like a lightning flash in the hearts of ordinary devotees. Sadhana is meant to make this blissful experience stay in the heart. When the practice of lila-smaran ripens, the bird of the heart will fly up to the realm of bliss. An inexhaustible fountain of beauty and sweetness will then appear before the eyes!”

Radharani’s manjaris ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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