Radharani’s Manjaris: Tattva & Lilas 032 “Loving Feet”

Loving Feet

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

This series of posts presents the facts (tattva) regarding the identity, moods (gopi-bhava), intimacy and sevas of Srimati Radharani’s beautiful, talented handmaidens known as manjaris, kinkaris, or dasis. Many wonderful lilas are also presented to highlight the manjaris intimate sevas to Srimati Radhika and Her beloved Krishna.

The information here comes from the commentaries of Advaitavamsa Acharya 108 Sri Ananda Gopala Goswami and 108 Sri Ananta Dasa Babaji Maharaja on “Vilapa Kusumanjali” and “Radha Rasa Sudhanidhi” translated by Sri Advaita Dasji.

Rati (Tulasi) Manjari says, “O Kanaka Gauri Radha! May I carefully and happily massage Your lotus feet while Sri Rupa Manjari massages the lotus feet of Goshtendranandana on whose arm You are resting Your head?” (VK 72)

Allegiance in Manjari Sadhana

One starts manjari bhava sadhana by eagerly reading, hearing, and meditating on the expert sevas of the nitya siddha kinkaris like Sri Rupa Manjari and Rati (Tulasi) Manjari. (Cc. 2.8.220).

Manjari bhava sadhana is performed in allegiance (anugamya) to these leading manjaris. One who cannot clearly visualize one’s siddha-deha or who has difficulty doing smarana, should first read about the glories of gopi-bhava and manjari seva by reading and remembering verses from Utkalika Vallari, Vilapa Kusumanjali, Prema Bhakti Candrika, Prarthana, and Vrindavan Mahimamrita.

By living in Vrindavan, mentally or physically, and always lovingly remembering Sri Rupa, Sri Sanatana Goswami, Sri Raghunatha Das, and Sri Jiva Goswami one will get the mercy to become absorbed in one’s siddha-deha and free from material consciousness.

Manjari’s Seva Intimacy

In the kunja, there is flower bed and flower pillow under Shyam’s head.  Svamini’s pillow is Shyam’s left arm. Sri Rupa lovingly gives Tulasi the seva of massaging Radhika’s lotus feet, while she massages Shyam’s lotus feet. After love dalliance Radhe-Shyam lie facing each other sweetly smiling, gazing at each other, and whispering romantic words to each ther.

They are oblivious to the manjaris serving them. Rupa and Tulasi softly massage Radhe-Shyam’s feet while listening to Their sweet words and looking at Their sweet forms. After Yugala Kishora fall asleep Tulasi thinks: “What if I get up and stop massaging? Radhe-Shyam may wake up.” Tulasi caresses the lotus feet of Svamini on her lap and massages them with her hair because it is softer than her hands.

Unlike the sakhis, the manjaris can do such intimate services without embarrassing Radha. There is some hesitation before her sakhis, but the manjaris are nondifferent in feelings from Radhe-Shyam, so Lila Yugala don’t feel any hesitation. Radha trusts her maidservants completely.

The manjaris are totally absorbed in relishing the sweetness of Radhe-Shyam.

Suddenly the vision vanishes and Sri Raghunatha Das cries out, “Ha Kanaka Gauri! Where are your lotus feet now, and when I can softly massage them in topmost bliss?”

Sri Radha’s manjaris ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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