A Manjari Glorifies Radhika

By: Mahanidhi Swami

Soon a shower of the most incredibly sweet nectar will descend from the skies of mercy to inundate the desert of your heart. Just read on with enthusiastic eyes and minds full of anticipation as you marvel at this astounding glorification of Swamini Sri Radha by Her dearest sweet manjari named Kasturi.

One day, deeply absorbed in a mood of loving gratitude and appreciation, Kasturi-manjari glorified Srimati Radharani thus:

“Çré Rädhä Öhäkuräëé is the svarupa of mahabhava, and a deep jewel mine of all extraordinary qualities. Bhanunandini is the crest jewel among all Sri Krishna’s artful lovers. The senses, mind and body of Raseshvari are steeped in love for Shyama. Madhuri Radha is Krishna’s personal energy nourishing all His pastimes. Radha is the source of Krishna’s bliss potency and Her divine form is imbued and permeated with ever-blissful spiritual rasa.

“The Vaikuntha Laksmis, the Dvaraka Queens and the Vraja-gopis all expand from Radhika alone. Unlike the other two, Radharani expands the gopis from Her own divine form so that Shyama can taste all the sweetness of the räsa dance and other pastimes.

“Being the foremost gopi, Srimati Radhika surpasses all the gopis in beauty, in good qualities, in good fortune and, above all, in love. Radha is the dearest beloved of Shyama and the very wealth of His life. Sri Krishna cannot derive any pleasure from the gopis without the presence of Radha.”

Becoming completely submerged in the ambrosial ocean of Radha-katha, Kasturi-manjari became very excited and started ecstatically chanting Radha Nama-kirtana.

She sang, “O Govindänandiné Rädhä! O Govinda-mohiné! O Govinda-sarvasva! O Sarva-käntä-çiromaëi!”

Rädhä pleases and mystifies Govinda. Radha is Govinda’s everything! And Radha is the crest-jewel of all Krishna’s lovers.

“O Devi! O Krishna-mayi! O Radhika Para-Devata! O Sarva Lakshmi-mayi!”

Priyaji is the most resplendent and beautiful celestial, and the lovely abode of the worship and love sports of Shyamasundara. Krishna is within and without Radha. Wherever Radha casts Her glance She sees Shyama. Parameshvari Radha is the supreme energy of Krishna, and the embodiment of all the mellows of love. Srimati’s worship [ärädhana] is fulfilling Krishna’s desires, and that is why only She is called Radhika. Radha is the supreme goddess, and the original source of all the Queens of fortune; Radha fully represents the six opulences of Kåñëa.

“O Sarva-pujya! O Sarva-pälikä! O Sarva jagatera-mätä! O Sarva-saundarya-kanti! O Sarva-lakñmé-gaëera-çobhä!”

Everyone in the universe worships Radha. Radhika is the maintainer of everyone, and the mother of the entire universe. The transcendental body of Sarvanga-sundari Radha is the resting place for all beauty and luster. Kalyani Radha’s radiant beautiful form is the origin of the splendor of all the goddesses of fortune. Kunjavilasini Radha alone fulfill all of Krishna’s desires.

“O Jagat-mohana-mohiné! O Parä Thäkuräëé! O Pürëa-çakti!”

As the supreme enchantress, Radha captivates Krishna. Therefore, Thakurani Radha is the supreme goddess over all. Radha holds all the power of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. (Cc. Adi 4)

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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