9. Offense: Instruct Faithless in the Glories of Nama

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

It is an offense to individually instruct a faithless person, or one who is not interested in hearing the glories of nama. Such a person will respond in a disrespectful way and commit unlimited offenses to the holy name. Without sufficient faith one cannot acquire a taste for chanting.

There is no injunction against loud public sankirtana, however, which gradually creates belief in the faithless. The general public must be made to give up their sinful ways and adopt firm faith. Sraddha or faith means to have complete conviction that chanting Sri Kṛṣṇa’s name will automatically fulfill all duties and complete all pious acts. One who has developed firm faith in the glories and potency of nama will voluntarily approach a bona fide spiritual master for initiation.

Ninth Offense: Rectification

This offense can be nullified by taking shelter of sri-nama and chanting with heartfelt repentance.

An excerpt from the book Art of Chanting.

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