The Love Song of Radha-Shyama

By: Mahanidhi Swami

One day in Vrindavana along the beautiful bank of the Yamuna, which was filled with red, blue and yellow lotus flowers swaying in the gentle sandal- scented breeze, Radha and Krishna were wandering alone together with their arms draped lovingly on each other’s shoulders. There were no sakhis around and the Divine Couple were in an extremely romantic mood.

Turning to Shyama and looking deeply into the eyes of His heart, Radhika began to sing…“O Pranabandhu! Thinking that I am the pride of Your pride and the very form of Your form, I forever enshrine Your tender feet within My heart. I have no one but You in My life. And moreover I feel You to be dearer hundreds of My own lives. O Shyama, You are the kajjala on My eyes and the ornaments on My body.”

In response, Shyama sings, “O Radhe, just listen. I am completely subjugated by the rapture of Your love and think of no one but You. Whenever I chant Your name and meditate on Your form I lose my patience and cannot maintain My prana.

“My mind runs to any direction where My ears hear Your name “Sri Radhe! Sri Radhe!” I gaze upon Your moonlike face like a Chataka bird thirsty for life-giving rains. Raising My head I repeatedly cry ‘Radha!’ and thus maintain My life. I enjoy Vrindavana only because of Your presence. When I cannot see You, Radha, I pick up My murali and loudly proclaim ‘RADHA!’ But upon hearing the sweet jingling of Your anklebells, My mind become pacified and peaceful.” Thus sings the poet Jnana dasa.

By hearing and singing such love songs, which are filled with waves of nectar, Radha Govinda Yugala continually savor the sweetness of Their mutual love. Intensely hankering for such a vision in one’s meditation, and sincerely praying to Sri Krishna for it is the sum and substance of raganuga bhajana.

With purified yearning in our hearts and tears of submission in our eyes, we can follow the lead of Srila Rupa Goswamipada who prayed in Utkalika-vallarih (29) “O Radha-Krishna! When will that day come when I can hear the rising waves of Your sweet artistic singing that will cleanse all the dirt from my ears?”

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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