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Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

After becoming established in one’s siddha svarupa by the mercy of Sri Guru and Sri Krishna, a sadhaka will contemplate his/her personal form, qualities and seva while mentally remembering and serving within Radha-Madhava’s asta-kaliya-lila.

The young girls (12-13 yrs) who personally and very intimately serve Srimati Radharani are called Radha’s dasis, kinkaris, manjaris or simply maidservants. The following description is generic and refers to “You” or anyone among the unlimited handmaidens of Srimati Radhika.

The following passages, taken from Prabodhananda Sarasvatipada’s Vrindavana Mahimamrita, which describe a manjari’s form, feelings, movements and services are very helpful in deepening and culturing the persona of a maidservant of Srimati Radharani.

By reading these, one will see how dynamic, beautiful and exciting it will be when one attains prema, and enters Radha-Krishna pastimes to lovingly serve Them eternally in one’s siddha svarupa as Radhika’s kinkari.

To attain success in manjari meditation, one must completely forget once and for all one’s external body and all false material attachments. By the mercy of Sri Hari and Sri Guru, I have received a spiritual form, siddha svarupa/deha so that I may affectionately and intimately serve Sri Sri Radha-Govinda Yugala in the eternally blissful realm of Sri Vraja Dhama.

Thus to permanently fix my eternal and REAL spiritual identity, I will deeply concentrate, meditate upon and internally visualize my true self as follows. Hear/read the passages very attentively while thinking: “This is the REAL ME—the ETERNAL ME—the EVER BLISSFUL ME!” Try to think of your eternal, individual, transcendental, sac-cid-ananda siddha svarupa as being like this…

“I am a lovely kinkari maidservant of Ishvari Radha, and I have a glistening, pleasing golden complexion and I abound in honey sweetness. I am a fresh maiden adorned with jeweled necklaces and a multicolored blouse.

My arms are beautifully shaped like lotus stems and glorified with bracelets and jeweled armlets. Like a dangling vine, my hair shiny black braid hangs down to My captivating buttocks, and its swinging movements enhance My beauty.

As Radhika’s kinkari (manjari), I have an enchantingly thin waist. A divine silk garment with artistic folds hangs down to My ankles. A fine cloth embroidered with flowers and leaves covers My hair and the sides of My face.

A sweet shy smile plays upon My reddish lips. My glances are light and playful, and My movements are extremely attractive. The amorous affairs of Radha-Madhava Yugala always excite My pure tender heart.

Among my unlimited good qualities, humility and sweet behavior are foremost. Having been personally taught by Radharani, I am now expert in all arts.

I appear especially attractive due to wearing the Playful Pair’s prasadi malas, clothes and ornaments. I regularly relish Radha and Krishna’s astonishingly tasty prasadi pan and betel nut. Being an expert manjari, I immediately know what Radha wants just by a hint or a glance. Radha and Krishna are always very affectionate to me.

I carry whatever is needed for seva i.e. scents, water, garlands, kunkum, pan, cosmetics etc. for Radhe-Shyama’s nightly meetings. As a Radhika kinkari, I constantly taste the sweet madhura rasa arising from Sri Radha’s beautiful form, qualities and pastimes. I remain forever thrilled by remembering Radhika’s intimate affairs with Shyama.

Because I have intense loving affection for Radharani, I am always submerged in an ocean of happiness. In all times, whether I am awake, dreaming or deeply asleep, I desire nothing but Radha’s seva. I know absolutely nothing but Sri Radha sweet lotus feet.

As rivers rush to the sea, I immediately run toward anything even remotely connected with Radha. And I practically die if even a moment passes without Radha. As a shadow follows an object, I am always beside Sri Radha throughout the day and night. My deep attachment to Radha immerses me in the boundless ocean of ecstatic love for Radha.

Sometimes when Kunjeshvari enjoys with Priyatama in a keli-kunja, Radha pulls me onto the flower bed and under the sheets with Her. Ah ha! Just see the intimacy that Srimati showers upon me, Her most fortunate maidservant!

Tasting the bliss of serving Kishori Jeu, I thrill and tremble in ecstasy. My brilliant bodily luster and loveliness enchant everyone as I run from place to place in My anxiety to nicely serve Priya Sundari.

My soothing bodily effulgence beautifies and enriches all ten directions. When I sometimes hear Priya-Priyatama’s secret love talks, I experience inconceivable joy, the utmost happiness and FULL satisfaction. The soothing, nectar-sweet words flowing from the lovely lotus mouth of Srimati Radhika continually dance in waves of joy in My heart. (Vrindavana Mahimamrta 8.17-42)

Sri Radha’s manjari ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe! Manjari Bhava Upasana ki jai! Manjari Sadhana ki jai! Sri Guru ki jai!

Mahanidhi Swami


In Prema Bhakti Candrika, Narottama dasa Thakura describes the five essential practices of manjari-bhava sadhana.


By performing sadhana according these sutras, the raganuga sadhaka will to attain madhurya-prema in the mood of Shyama’s sweethearts, the sakhis.


Thakura Mahashaya’s sutras include four of the nine limbs of bhakti-sadhana:

1) Sravanam; 2) Kirtanam; 3) Smaranam; and 4) Vandanam.

He added a special fifth practice which he calls Darshana.


This concise sadhana package describes five limbs of bhakti covering nine individual daily practices. If one regularly follows this, one will quickly obtain the coveted treasure of Radha-Krishna’s eternal prema seva in his/her manjari svarupa i.e. siddha deha.


The Manjari-bhava Sadhana Sutras


  1. HEARING (sravanam)
  2. Become emotionally attached to reading and hearing about the amorous affairs of Radha Govinda Yugala: rati prema maya parabandhe. (v. 60)
  3. Constantly hear devotees chanting the names and attributes of Radha-Krishna: donhaara nama guna shuni, bhakta mukhe puni puni. ( v. 76)


  1. CHANTING (kirtanam)
  2. Cultivate the rasa-filled names of Radha-Krishna: krishna nama radha nama upaya rasa dhaama. ( v. 60)



  1. Seva smaranam—fix your mind only the seva of Radha-Krishna: radha krishna sevana ekaanta koriyaa mana. (v. 76)


  1. Kirtana smarana—singing Radha-Krishna nama [e.g Hare Krishna Maha-mantra] is the topmost meditation: Radha-Krishna nama gaana parama dhyaana. (v. 73)
  2. Lila smarana—remembering the sweet daily vraja-lilas of Radha Govinda Yugala is the practice and the goal—there is nothing more than this: yugala vilasa smrti sara sadhya sadhana ei, iha boi ara nai. (v. 61)


  1. PRAYERS (vandanam)
  2. Pray with a pure, selfless heart that you can always hear [or read] the prema-filled topics of Radha and Krishna: prarthana sada shuddha bhava prema katha. (v. 75)


  1. SEEING (darshanam)
  2. Rupa-darshana— Always cry while desiring to see with your eyes, the beautiful golden form of Rai (Radharani) hema gauri tanu rai, ankhi darashana chai, rodana koribo abhilasha. (v. 76)


  1. Lila-darshana—cultivate surging eagerness to see Radha-Krishna’s rasa dance in Vrndavana: maha lila darshana lobha. ( v. 67)

Manjari bhava sadhana ki jai!   Thakura Mahashaya ki jai!    Jai Jai Sri Radhe!