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By:Mahanidhi Swami

O Sakhi, look! Radha and Krsna are engaged in a long Holi festival in a secluded place. Radha and gopis have overpowered Syama and forcibly carried Him to their place. Then they sprinkle Syama with musk-scentedcolorful water. Seeing that Syama has been taken captive by the gopis, Balarama and the other gopas sent a messenger to the gopis. Then Balarama sent a gift to the gopis as a ransom for Krsna release. Accepting it, the gopis gave Krsna to Balarama.
(Gopala Tapani Up.)

Jay Jay Sri Radhe

By: Mahanidhi Swami

While living in Dwaraka Balarama once felt intense separation from the Vrajavasis, so He returned to Vraja for two months (Mar-Apr, chaitra-vasaka). His pangs of love and separation became so great that Dauji (Krsna’s elder brother, Balarama) even left His dearly beloved brother behind in Dwaraka and ran to Vrndavana. Although Sri Krsna wanted to accompany His brother, the Yadus in Dwaraka prevented Krsna from going to Vrnddavana due to fear that Krsna would not return. This is the magical and mystic power of Vrndavana that once you go there and actually taste the unique flavor of Vraja prema, you can never leave.
Upon meeting His beloved cowherd friends, Balarama ’s voice choked with prema as He enquired about their welfare. Although they are extremely shy and would never reveal before Balarama their internal pain of separation from Krsna, Krsna’s beloved gopis smiled ecstatically when they saw Balarama. This happened because they were overwhelmed by transcendental madness and prema. The gopis asked Balarama about Krsna’s welfare, and if Krsna still remembered the many sevas that they had offered like stringing flower garlands, smearing sandal wood on His body, making fans, bed and canopies of fragrant flowers. As the gopis remembered Syama’s sweet smile, playful talks, exciting glances, graceful gait and loving embraces, they broke down and started crying right in front of Balarama. To pacify the distressed gopis, Balarama relayed to them Krsna’s heartfelt internal messages, which were dignified, sweet, apologetic and full of divine wisdom. For two months, Balarama danced at Ramaghata beside the Yamuna, with His own gopis, as well as those gopis who had missed Krsna’s rasa dance because of being too young at that time. The Rasa Mandala was bright with the rays of full moon, fragrant with blooming white lotuses and refreshed by cool breezes. Balarama wore white Vyajayanti mala and a single earring. The beads of perspiration decorating His smiling lotus face looked like snowflakes. For two months, Balarama enjoyed dancing with His gopis. However, all those nights passed as if they were a single night since each night brought a completely new experience of joy in association with the beautiful damsels of Vraja.

Rasabihari Balarama ki jai!
Krsna Kanhaiya Dauji ka bhaiya ki jai!!
Jai Jai Sri Radhe!!!