RADHA’S Resolutions

By: Mahanidhi Swami

Krishna is Radha’s Hari because Krishna takes away Radha’s shyness, unwillingness and any other obstacle to Their meeting. One day Sri Radha became very angry with Krishna and She made three resolutions, thinking, “From now on, I will not look at, speak to or trust that black fellow any more.”

A short time later, the clever prankster arrived and begged Radha, “O Shyama Jiu! Look at Me just once!” While admiring Shyama’s sweet form, the sakhis started talking to each other, “Aha! How sweetly Shyama stands in tribhanga pose. The life of that lady-love who does not see such sweetness is wasted.” Hearing this, Radha becomes eager to look at Krishna and She does. Radha’s first resolution is broken. Krishna is speaking so nicely with lots of flattery and witty remarks that Radharani cannot remain silent anymore. So Radha says, “Just go to that gopi you love. Don’t stay here speaking so cleverly.” Thus, Radha’s second vow is gone. Krishna slowly slides His foot forward to touch the tips of Radha’s toes. Being disturbed by this, Radha takes Krishna by the hand and pushed Him out of the kunja. Then Radha thinks, “Oh just see! Now I have also touched Him. If I can not keep any vow, then how can I keep Krishna away.” Then Radha steps out of the kunja, wraps Her beautiful arm around Shyama’s neck and brings Him back into the kunja. Thus Lord Hari continually steals the tender heart of Sri Radha with all His sweet charms.

Three resolutions wali Radha ki jai!

Chatura shiromani Hari ki jai!

Jai jai Sri Radhe!!

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