Radha Falls in Love

By: Mahanidhi Swami

In the following pastime, Narada Muni answers King Bahulashva question concerning how Radha and Krishna first fell in love.

Narada Muni said, “One day Radha’s intimate girlfriends Sundari Lalita and Vishakha met Radhika privately in Varsana.

Lalita-sakhi said, “O sakhi! That one whom You’re always meditating upon and glorifying is just now passing by Your palace along with His cows and boyfriends. Come, come feast Your eyes upon His absolutely gorgeous form.”

Radha replied, “O Lalite! First just draw a picture of what He looks like. Then without a doubt I will go look for Him.”

Lalita drew a most beautiful picture of Nandanandana, looking very handsome, radiating the sweetness of a robust youthful hero. Upon seeing the picture, Kishori thrilled with joy. Radha held the picture lovingly in Her delicate hand and continually gazed upon Shyama’s astonishing form. Deeply yearning to see Krishna, Radhika became overwhelmed in bliss and fainted.

While sleeping, Vrishabhanunandini had a wonderful dream of walking to the Yamuna. And there Priyaji saw Shyama, glistening like a dark monsoon cloud surrounded by lightning yellow garments. Sriji saw Nataraja Govinda dancing in great euphoria In the middle of the forest. Suddenly Sundari’s dream broke and She felt intense anguish in separation from Krishna.

Her mind completely filled with Ramana’s handsome form, Gandharvika saw the three worlds as nothing more than blade of grass. Lalita clutched Devi’s hand and took Her to the bedroom window. Lalita pointed with her index finger and exclaimed excitedly, “Sakhi! Look there He is.” Seeing Vrajeshvara Krishna ambling along the narrow path just before Her palace, Radha again succumbed to swoon.

However, just before Radha fainted, Krishna caught a glimpse of Vrishabhanunandini, the unlimited reservoir of all divine qualities. At that moment, Krishna decided in His heart, “I must meet this beautiful girl and enjoy with Her.”

In the anguish of Krishna’s separation, Radha’s excited heart burned in the tortuous flames of love. Lalita spoke some comforting words to Srimati, “O Radha! Why are You swooning? O Kanjanakshi, if You want to attain Krishna then just offer all Your love to Him. O Sundari, now that You have found the person who fills the world with joy, why does Your heart keeping burning.”

Opening Her eyes and speaking in a faltering voice, Vrajadevi Radha replied, “O Lalite, if I cannot attain Shyama’s feet, which beautify the land of Vrindavana, I will give up My life!”

Terrified to hear this, Lalita immediately went the Yamuna’s beautiful shore. There she met Shyama sitting alone under a blossoming kadamba tree covered with a network of flowering madhavi latas.

Lalita said, “O Ghanashyama! Since the first day Radhika saw Your wonderful form, She has been stunned. Lajjeshvari just stands motionless like a puppet and doesn’t speak a word. In this condition, Radha’s ornaments burn like scorching suns; Her clothes are like a shower of sparks and Her perfume smells bitter. Radha’s palace is a vast wilderness; flowers pierce like sharp arrows and the full moon seems like a pot of poison. O Shyama, only Your darshana will mitigate Radhika’s intense distress.”

Responding to Lalita’s emotive words, Keshava said, “O noble Lalita! Not only Radha feels like this, but We both feel this love deeply in Our hearts. Nothing in this world can compare to the love Radha bears for Me. Surely I will fulfill Kishori’s desire very soon. Besides Lalita, do you know that saintly devotees say that there is no difference between Sri Radha and Myself.”

After hearing Madhava’s heart submission, Lalita, her face brimming with smiles, immediately met Radhika in a solitary place and told Her the good news.

Lalita said, “O Swamini! As You desire Shyama, Shyama desires You. Just serve Krishna with great devotion and without any other desire. And I guarantee that very soon You will meet the cherished beloved of Your heart!” (Garga Samhita 15)

Purva-ragini Radha ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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