Krishna Nectar Lilas part 26 “Yamuna Crossing”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Yamuna Crossing

Three hours before sunrise the wives of the gopas woke up, bathed, dressed in clean cloth, and performed vastu-puja. Then they churned butter while singing many enchanting songs glorifying Krsna. The sound of the gopis’ jeweled bangles and ankle-bells blended harmoniously with the deep, melodious sound emanating from the large churning pots.

That auspicious vibration easily removed all misfortune from the universe. The directions amplified that sound by responding with their echoes. Considering it improper to spend any more time with their husbands, the demi-goddesses woke up at once. Then they listened with rapt attention to the sweet sound of the gopis churning butter.

As the sun rose everyone prepared to cross the Yamuna River, the daughter of the sun god. Following Vrajaraja Nanda’s order, the gopas called the cows by making the sound “Hee! Hee!” Mooing in response, the cows entered the water. As they swam across the Yamuna, the cows exhaled strong breaths of air. The heavy, water-soaked tails of the cows hung motionless under the water. Keeping their heads and humps above the water, they flowed with the currents and finally reached the Yamuna’s opposite shore.

The horn-less, light-bodied calves felt great happiness as they quickly swam across the river. Crossing from all directions in front of their mothers, the calves reached the opposite shore. The gopas carried the newborn calves across the Yamuna by hanging them around their necks and holding their soft legs with their left arms while using their right arms swim. The mothers of the calves followed behind crying anxiously.

The tall humps on the backs of the mature bulls made waves as they moved through the Yamuna. As if in an angry mood, the bulls turned their necks and butted these successive waves with their horns. A captivating scene manifested there. Despite the strong current, the bulls held their heads high and straight, breathed heavily, and quickly crossed the Yamuna.

All the innumerable cows made it safely across the Yamuna. But they appeared exhausted from the journey, so they stood in rows on the Yamuna’s sandy banks, which looked as white as transparent camphor dust. The groups of white cows beside the Yamuna looked as attractive as the river Jahnavi.

The boats plying on the water looked like the nagapatnis rising up from Patalaloka to playfully extend their jewel-bedecked hoods above the Yamuna. It seemed that from the day the Vrajavasis arrived in Vrndavana, Visvakarma, the architect of the demigods, had made all arrangements to make them happy. The beautiful clear sky looked like a stream of the Ganga meeting the Yamuna. Various aquatics sported within the Yamuna.

Many highly decorated golden boats, exhibiting the epitome of artistic craftsmanship, cruised along the Yamuna. The best among those boats had an ornamental cabin topped with beautiful flags gently flapping in the breeze. Krsna and Yasoda, Rohini, and their maidservants boarded that boat. Krsna enjoyed watching the rows of small waves in the Yamuna. The wonderful effulgence of Krsna’s body enhanced the beauty of the Yamuna and made it look like a sparkling gem.

Leaving Yasoda’s side, Krsna leaned over the edge of the boat. While supporting Himself with His left hand Krsna stretched His right hand under the water to touch the bottom of the boat. Anticipating some danger, the two mothers tried unsuccessfully to stop Krsna from His frivolous play.

With great concern, Nanda boarded the same boat, quickly picked up Krsna, and sat Him on his lap. Undisturbed, the boatman continued rowing steadily across the Yamuna.

The remaining men and their families boarded other boats and happily crossed the river Yamuna. After ferrying all the people, the boatman used boarding platforms to load all the bullock carts and cross the river again. Vrajaraja Nanda satisfied the boatmen with valuable clothes and ornaments.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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