Krishna Nectar Lila 44 – “Abduction of the Sakhas”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das
Due to his false ego, Brahma thought himself the supreme creator. But witnessing the awesome power of Krishna in killing Aghasura astounded him. He thought, “Krishna is the supreme controller of everything. Nevertheless, let me test His actual position.” As one becomes a laughing stock by trying to measure the ocean with a yardstick, or measuring the sky with a hand span, similarly, Brahma became a laughing stock by his foolish attempt to fathom the unlimited transcendental power of Krishna by purloining His calves.
Although similarities exist between Krishna and Brahma, or between a glowworm and the sun, the differences are vast. Both Brahma and Krishna have illusory energy, but Krishna alone enchants Brahma and the entire creation.
The gopas forgot all about the calves as they happily took prasada with Krishna. It appeared as if the gopas’ lips bathed in the radiance of their teeth as they joked and laughed. During this time Brahma stealthily stole their calves. After some time when the cowherd boys looked for the calves they could not find them. Feeling sad and helpless, they appealed to Krishna, who is greater than Lord Siva.
“O beloved friend! We cannot find any of our calves. It seems they have wandered far away being greedy to eat fresh grass. Let us enter the forest and search for them.” While listening, Krishna’s face looked more charming than a splendid full moon. Smiling compassionately, Krishna spoke to mitigate their fear, “My dear friends, do not stop eating. Just stay here. I shall personally find the calves and bring them to you.”
Krishna put down His food and went to collect the calves. He looked very attractive walking along with His flute, stick, and buffalo horn tucked in His dhoti. The wonderful effulgence of His body illuminated the entire forest. Although the area abounded with fresh grass, Krishna did not find hoof prints or any other sign of the calves even after searching in all directions.
Much to His surprise, when Krishna returned to the banks of the Yamuna He could not find any of His cowherd boyfriends. Though temporarily exhibiting a touch of bewilderment, Krishna displayed His omniscience by concluding that Brahma, the supreme creator of the material world, had succumbed to His illusory potency and stolen both the calves and His boyfriends. The all-knowing Lord then employed His spiritual energy to expand Himself into the exact forms of each one of the missing calves and boys. Krishna miraculously appeared with all of their attributes including their individual moods, mannerisms, dress, ornaments, and carrying sticks. Then playing His sweet flute Krishna gladly proceeded home to Vrndavana.
The Supreme Lord directly creates everything in this universe. He is the only cause and effect of all actions in this world. Nonetheless, the material world is full of Krishna’s variegated transcendental pastimes. Because the Supreme Lord is unique, wonderful, and inconceivable, the universe displays the same qualities.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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