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Mahanidhi Swami

Many Puranas and Hari Bhakti Vilasa by Sri Sanatana Goswami describe the fantastic benefits and blessings accrued by observing the Vaishakha Month Vrata (April 1-30, 2018).

It’s said among sadhus: “In material life more is less; in spiritual life more is more!” In other words, more material enjoyment means less spiritual progress. And more spiritual acts means more peace, more happiness and perfection promotion to Radha-Krishna’s nitya-seva in Sri Vraja Dhama.

For the benefit of all, we are presenting a simplified vrata based on 140 verses of Hari Bhakti Vilasa (14). By observing it, one can pleasingly serve Madhusudana Sri Krishna, and thereby gain good fortune, divine power, and lots of spiritual benefits.

  1. Donate: Dana—sesame (til) seeds, water, ghee, umbrellas.
  2. Sacred Baths: Tirtha Snana—Radha-kunda, Yamunaji, Gangaji, Samudra, etc. “Vaishakha tirtha snana yields 100,000 benefit of Magha Mas snana i.e. Kumbha Mela.” (Padma Purana/Hari Bhakti Vilasa 14.14.367-8)
  3. Bathing Prayers: Wash feet, meditate on Bhagavan Sri Krishna, and recite before morning (pratah-kala: 5-7 a.m.) snana:
  4. By the mercy of Sri Madhusudana and the blessings of the Brahmins, may my daily tirtha snana free me from all obstacles.
  5. O Murari! O Madhusudana! Please fulfill my spiritual desires as the fruit of my daily Vaishakha snana.
  6. O my beloved Sri Madhusudana! Vaishakha is Your favorite month. So please give me the fruit of destroying all my sins. (Hari Bhakti Vilasa 14. 400-403)

** Akshaya Tritiya: (18 April)—This day is dear to Harivallabha Sri Krishna. Any acts of japa, dana, shraddha, snana, archana or tarpana bring one inexhaustible results. (409)

** Ganga Saptami, shukla: (22 April)—Ganga puja, snana, & tarpan to pitrs (ancestors) destroys their sins causing their bondage. (Padma P/hbv 413)

** Mohini Ekadasi: (26 April)—“Attain liberation by observing jagarana (stay awake all night). Skanda P.

** Nrsimha Chaturdasi: (28/29 April)—“Bhagavan Nrsimha said, “One will please Me by observing this topmost vow (uttama vrata) and attain happiness, sense pleasure and liberation. One Nrsimha vrata gives the benefit of 1,000 Dvadasi vratas!” (Padma P/hbv 14.414-5, 441, 446, 451)

** Vaishakha Purnima: (30 April)—Do dana, snana, tarpana, plus donate water which will give one a divine form. (Hari Bhakti Vilasa 495)

*** CONCESSION SUPER VOW: If can’t observe all the other vows for one month, then just offer your best on the last three days: Trayodasi, Nrsimha Caturdasi and Vaishakha Purnima, 27-30 April 2018, and you will attain Vaikuntha! (Hari Bhakti Vilasa 501)

**** LAST STRAW VOW: If can’t observe anything, then at least “do one good deed”. Feed 10 brahmins on one day during Vaishakha month. (Hari Bhakti Vilasa 502)

Vaishakha Vrata ki jai! Radha-kunda snana ki jai! Vaishakha Purnima ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!