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By: Mahanidhi Swami

Krishna prema is defined as a mood and expression of love, wherein even if there is a very good reason to break the relationship and leave the beloved, the lover will never under any condition or circumstance give up the beloved. Indeed such a completely selfless, immaculate love is transcendental and divine; only found in the loving dealings of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and His beloved bhaktas. This type of “true love” can never be found in this material world.

What follows is a very secret passage from sacred scriptures. Here in the privacy of a dark cave, alone with Her personal divine raptures, Srimati Radhika opens Her heart to show the world the pinnacle of pure love. My dear devoted friends, please read the following passage with the utmost concentration and a mood of submissive reception. Then a few drops from the unlimited ocean of Sri Radha’s pure love may to trickle into the desert we call heart.

One night in the quiet hours aftermidnight, Radhika tightly embraced the darkness and revealed the jewel of Her heart to Her closest girlfriends, Lalita and Vishakha.

Radha cried out, “O My dearly beloved Govinda! I am intensely missing You. Every moment just creeps by like a thousand ages. I cannot control the endless torrents of tears gushing from My anguished eyes, which appear like a downpour from monsoon clouds. Without You, Govinda, I see emptiness in all directions and in My agitation I see that the day never ends.

“Seeing the three worlds as stark and empty, I feel as if I am burning alive in a slow fire. It seems that Krishna has become indifferent to Me just to test My love. And My sakhis are advising Me it’s better to just neglect Krishna.”

After deeply pondering over Her condition in separation from Shyama, Radha then manifested some of the natural attributes of Her pure love. Radha’s mind became agitated with the combined emotions of divine envy, enthusiasm, submission and intense eagerness. In this state of the topmost pure divine love, Krishna prema, Srimati Radharani continued speaking:

“O Lalite! O Vishakhe! Krishna may wrap Me in a pleasurable embrace, or trample Me under His lotus feet, or break My heart by never seeing Me. After all, Krishna is a debauchee and can do whatever He likes. Nevertheless, only Krishna and no one else is My Prananatha, the Lord of My heart.

“I am a just maidservant at Krishna’s lotus feet, and Shyama is the reservoir of transcendental mellows. If Shyama likes He can tightly embrace Me in the oneness of love. Or destroy My mind and body by not appearing before Me. Hey sakhi! I am completely fixed in the idea that Krishna is My Pranishvara in all conditions, whether Krishna showers Me with affection or kills Me with misery.

“Sometimes Krishna leaves the other gopis and becomes completely controlled Me as He enjoys loving affairs with Me. And sometimes that cunning cheater enjoys with other gopis right front of Me just to disturb My mind! But that does bother Me, because in any condition Krishna is always My Prananatha!

“Listen, I don’t care about My personal distress. I only want Krishna to be happy. For Krishna’s happiness of is the only goal of My life. And if Krishna feels great happiness in giving Me distress, than that distress is My greatest happiness. And even if Krishna wants to enjoy another beautiful gopi but can’t attain her, then I will go fall at her feet and take her by the hand to Krishna for His pleasure.”

While concluding Her illumination on the inconceivable level of Her pure divine love for Krishna, Srimati Radhika speaks a wonderful verse which sets the standard for any sadhaka trying to become a pure lover of God, a Krishna premi:

Srimati Radharani said, “Krishna is My life and soul. Krishna is the treasure of My life. Indeed, Krishna is the very life of My life. I therefore keep Krishna always in My heart and try to please Krishna by rendering service. That is My constant meditation.” (Caitanya-caritamrta 3.20.1-60)

Mahabhavati Sri Radha ki jai!

Vishuddha nirmala srngara-prema ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!