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By: Mahanidhi Swami

What is it?

It is one complete day (vaishakha sukla caturdasi) of austerity observed for the pleasure of the Bhagavan Sri Nrsimhadeva. For millions of years, all the leading demigods, sages, kings, and humans have observed it. Many Puranas explain its observance, but here I will cite Hari-bhakti Vilasa (14).

What are the benefits? One Nrsimha Caturdashi vrata gives liberation; fulfillment of all desires; the merit of following 1,000 Dvadasi vratas; and a child to the childless.

How to observe it?

PERSONAL: Rise early, holy bath, set your resolution to do strict vow (sankalpa), pray to Lord Nrsimhadeva, Sri Guru and Vaisnavas for completion. Speak only essentials, no gossip or idle talk, and constantly remember Nrsimhadeva. Noon bath with sesame seed body rub. Eat once a day, fruits only after evening puja. Best drink only water or nirjala till next day after sunrise. The Super Amazing Lord, Adbhuta Bhagavan Nrsimhadeva ki jai ho!

PUJA: Evening time—

first arati to Bhakta Prahlada, then offer Bhagavan Nrsimhadeva the following:

1. Sandalwood paste and camphor

2. Flowers and tulasi leaves

3. Aguru incense, or sandalwood incense dipped in aguru oil.

4. Ghee lamp

5. Bhoga

6. Arghya

7. Prayers; O Lord Nrsimhadeva! Please accept my sincere worship, and give me Your mercy.

*** JAGARAN: “Stay awake all night chanting and dancing in Sri Krishna Harinama Sankirtana; and hear Krishna’s glories from the Tenth Canto.” (HBV 14.483)

Bathe next morning, REPEAT ABOVE PUJA SEQUENCE AGAIN. Feed Vaisnavas, give charity and honor maha-prasada.

Bhakti vighnan vinaasha, Bhagavan Nrsimhadeva ki jai! Bhakta Prahlada Maharaja ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!