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Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

The famous 64 arts and talents, which Krishna and Balarama mastered in two months at Gurukul, are mentioned in many shastras, including Srimad Bhagavatam (10.45.35-36); Brahma-samhita (37 tika); Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu (2.1.84); Vrindavan Mahimamrita (11.69,13.4); Govinda-lilamrita (13.1140; and Sadhana Amirta Chandrika (19), catuh-shashthi-kalanvitam.

Srila Prabhupada: “Srimati Radharani makes Krishna happy in so many ways with the sixty-four arts i.e. dancing, cooking, making peace, and smiling in many attractive ways.”

(BBT folio: Discussions, Syamsundar das)

Our Gaudiya Vaisnava Goswamis and acharyas explain how Srimati Radharani’s intimate, sweet and loyal, most loving dasi serving maids, Her dearest kinkaris and manjaris, pleasantly serve Priya-Priyatam with 64 different arts and talents.

The manjaris learn these 64 arts directly from Srimati Radharani and Her sakhis. In the next para, Sri Raghunatha Dasa Goswami mentions a few of the arts that the sadhana siddha manjaris will learn after arriving in Bhauma Vrindavan to serve Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.

  1. Radharani Herself will personally and repeatedly teach (gandharva –asakrt- shikshayati) four arts to the nava dasis: drama/play writing, poetry, riddles and vina, kavyam-nataka-prahelli-vina.
  2. Vishakha will teach the art of telling clever, tasteful and funny jokes, narma.
  3. Champakalata will teach how to cook amazing feasts.
  4. Citra-sakhi will teach painting pictures on Radha-Krishna, citra.
  5. Tungavidya will teach 18 different kinds of knowledge and science, vividha vidya.
  6. Rangadevi will teach how to dance in rasa-lila, natana.
  7. Sudevi will teach the art of playing dice and advising Radha in defeating Krishna. (Stavavali, Sva Sankalpa Prakash Stotram 2-11)

Next we will list the basic 64 arts. For the Sanskrit names and more elaborate descriptions, please refer to KRSNA BOOK or our book “Gayatri Mahima Madhuri” (cp. 7 pg. 100-102).

The most amazing point about the 64 arts is that every Gaudiya Vaisnava following Sri Caitanya’s path of raga bhakti, will some beautiful fine day in the future go directly to Radha-Krishna’s Bhauma Vrndavana lila, and then learn all these wonderful skills and talents DIRECTLY FROM SRI RADHA and Her dearest sakhis.

In a divine passage, Sri Raghunatha Dasa Goswami reveals how one day in Varshana, Sri Radha holds a nava dasi’s hand and takes her alone into a cave in Govardhan to personally teach Her own love poem. Later in the nikunja on Radha’s signal (ingite), the fortunate manjari will recite Radha’s prema-filled poem for the ecstatic pleasure of Her Priyatam.

This is definitely the ultimate Guru/Shishya sambandha!



2-Arguing with adi-vasis

3-Bed covers, pillow making

4-Bird training for sports

5-Body ornaments, jewellery placing

6-Cakes, bread, salad making


8-Children’s games

9-Cloth, hiding quality, cheap look good



11-Costumes, make and store

12 Crossbreeding plants, trees

13-Crossword puzzle solving


15-Decorating, hanging pictures

16-Dialects, speaking different

17-Dictionary using


19-Drama writing

20-Drinks, with red color making


21-Dyeing cloth

22-Earrings, flowers, leaves making


24-Face, body painting

25- Flower asanas, beds making

26-Gemstone dyeing

27-Hair care, dressing

28-Hand, sleight of, magic tricks


30-Jewel testing


31-Jokes telling

32-Jugglery, magic

33-Kavaca making

34-Marionettes using



37-Miniture carts making

38-Mystical charms, casting

39-Others, respecting, glorifying

40-Painting, drawing


41-Parrots, train to speak

42-Pathways, cover with flowers

43-Perfumes, make and apply

44-Playing musical instruments

45-Plays, acting in

46-Poetry, mentally compose

47-Rangoli making

48- Recite books

49-Riddles, make, solve

50-Rites, rituals performing


51-Sign language using


53-Skin care

54-Splashing water

55-Stringing necklaces and flowers

56-Tongue twisters

57-Thread making on spinning wheel

58-Turbans, topknots, crown making

59-Victory, attaining

60-Vina, drum playing


62-Water music making

63-Weapons, bows, arrows, big sticks making

64-Yantra making


Sri Radha teaching arts to manjaris ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!