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Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

While travelling from Vaikuntha to Ayodhya, Gopa kumara chanted, “O Sitapate! O Sri Raghunatha! O Laksmana Jyestha! O Prabhu! O Hanumat Priyesvara!” Upon entering Ayodhya dhama, Gopa kumara met some monkeys jumping here and there shouting, “Rama! Rama!” and tried to snatch his flute.

Then Hanuman took Gopa kumara to meet Rama who was happily sitting on a royal throne. Sita- devi stood beside Rama happily offering Him betel nut. Gopa kumara bowed down before Lord Rama and repeatedly said, “Jai! Jai!” With gentle speech full of nectar, Lord Rama said, “O my dear son of a Vrajavasi cowherd, very good. Now just relax, for you are my very dear friend.” Gopa kumara stayed for a while in Ayodhya dhama observing Sri Rama, the Lion King of the Raghus, perform His royal dharmic lila. However despite experiencing the bliss of serving Rama in Ayodhya, Gopa kumara’s heart again hankered for the sweet life of Vrajabhumi, wherein he would embrace his friend and Lord, Madana Gopala. The all-compassionate Lord Rama understood Gopa kumara’s mood, so He sent him forward in his spiritual sojourn to Sri Dhama Vrndavana.

(excerpt from Brhad Bhagavatamrita)

Jai Sita Rama!
Jai Radhe Syama!
Jai Vraja Dhama!