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By: Mahanidhi Swami

Since ISKCON 2014 resolution against it, is anything really wrong it one chants Radha nama in kirtana?

By gurus grace (bvnm) radhas name has been enshrined in your heart. All Gaudiyas since 500 yrs mostly chant the hkmm in kirtan. Everywhere Mahaprabhu chanted Krishna nama and instructed others to do the same with slokas like krsna nama nirantara lao and the famous kirtaniya sada hari. Sometimes during Vraja yatras or vraja-lila kathas radha nama kirtans and bhajans are often sung by various Gaudiya lineages. Laws cannot touch the heartland of the soul; they are meant just to regulate a system. For Vrajavasis radha nama is inseparable from their existence. So if one is blessed by radhika with vraja vasa, then no law can restrict the chanting of radhe radhe kirtana. For those less fortunate ones, then law is the binding force.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!