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Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

This new series will reveal secret facts about Sri Vrindavana Dhama to help everyone better appreciate its unique position, and the incredible fortune and value of visiting, serving or living in Vraja Dhama. The secrets in these “LOV Posts” (Light on Vraja) come from various Gaudiya Vaisnavashastra.

It is often heard that sadhana done in the Holy Dhama of Vrindavana is 1000X more effective than elsewhere. This is established in the Srimad Bhagavatam (7.14.33): “Religious acts performed in Mathura/Vrindavana give 1000x more result than at other places, madhupuridharmohyatrehitaḥpuṁsāṁ, sahasrādhiphalodayaḥ.”

Besides the 1000x effect, anyone can practically experience that the divinely charged, devotional atmosphere of Vrindavana, unlike anywhere else, is very supportive and makes it easier to chant nama-japa and perform other devotional acts. As the locals say, “In Vraja, bhakti is flowing in the air!”

Is also said that sins and offenses committed in Vrindavana bring 1000x the reaction. This statement may serve as a helpful warning or as a cautionary note to be careful. But this point is NOT FOUND in any Gaudiya Vaisnava shastras we have seen.

It is true that punishment for sins in Vrindavana may be experienced [not 1000x], but at the same time merciful Vrindavana will also destroy that sin’s reactions. Vrindavana is often compared to a mother (Sri Vrindatavi Mata) because she actually forgives the sinner just like a compassionate mother forgiving her wayward child.

Sri Rupa Gosvami’s Mathura Mahatmya (MM) proves this point in several verses:

“Sins committed knowingly or unknowingly in Mathura/Vrindavana will be destroyed in Vrindavana itself, mathurayaṁkṛtaṁpapaṁ, mathurayaṁvinaśyati, jñanatoajñanatovapi.” (Vayu &AdiVaraha P. MM 23/28)

“The sins from many, many births are destroyed at once in Mathura/Vrindavana, bahujanmanipapani, mathuraprabhavamnashyatikshanamatratah.” (Padma Purana MM 29)

Sri VarahaBhagavan said, “Sins are destroyed at once merely by SEEING THE LAND of Mathura/Vrindavana, papaninaśyanti, mathuradarśanatkṣanat.” (AdiVaraha Purana MM 8)

“By bathing anywhere in Vraja Mandala, one will be liberated from all sins, mathuramandalamsnato, mucyatesarvapatakaih.” (AdiVaraha Purana MM 3)

However, one visiting or living in Vraja should not take advantage of Vraja Dhama and willfully commit offenses and sins while thinking, “Oh, merciful Vrindavana will forgive me, and keep blessing me with spiritual advancement.” This thought itself is also a sin as seen in the seventh offense to the Holy Name, nāmnādbalādyasya hi pāpa-buddhir: “It is an offense if one sinfully thinks, ‘I can sin on the strength of Krishna’s Divine Name [and the Name will remove that sin].’

Nama, Dhama and Shyama are all equally transcendental and completely personal. If one displeases (apa/radh) any one of Them by committing sins and offenses then surely reaction will come. No one can fool or cheat either Nama, Dhama or Shyama.

It is privilege and rare fortune to live in Vrindavana which is the heart and eternal home of Sri SriRadha and Krishna. Only by Their divine grace can one visit or live in Their home. Radha and Krishna are completely independent to allow one in or kick one out of Their dhama! Therefore, devotees living in Vrindavana should remain ever-grateful, and always live and act purely.

Sri Rupa Gosvami explains this point: “Without the mercy of Vishnu/Krishna no one can live in Vrindavana for even a moment, vināviṣṇoḥprasādena, kṣaṇamekaṁnatiṣṭhati. Residence in Vraja can NEVER BE ATTAINED by punya, jnana, tapa, japa or yajnas. However, if one is favored by Sri Krishna one can attain residence in Vrindavana, śrī-viṣnoḥkṛpayanunaṁ, tatravasobhaviṣyati.” (AdiVaraha Purana MM 82-83)

The following prayers from Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvatipada’s Vrindavana Mahimamrita are very useful for devotees living in Vrindavana and should always be remembered:

“Again and again I have committed inexcusable offenses to you. Still, O mother Vṛndāvana, I am like your son so please do not abandon me, su-durmarṣaiḥsvasminnasakṛdaparādhairapiyutaṁ, sutaṁmātevatvaṁvisṛjabatavṛndāṭavinamām!” (Vrinadavan Mahimamrita 1.96)

“O mother Vṛndāvana, you are my life and soul! Out of affection for me, please drag me from my friends and relatives and keep me on your lap.” (Vrinadavan Mahimamrita 1.93)


“O noble mother Sri Vrindatavi, by nature You are overflowing with boundless affection, sumātaḥśrīmatvṛndāṭavitvamsahaja, niravadhisnehapūre. Please hold on your lap this very mischievous child who has been playing in the dirt. Be merciful and forgive my offenses; always feed me the breast-milk of transcendental love for your master and mistress; and give me all protection. (Vrinadavan Mahimamrita 11.1)

“I have fallen into the blind well of household-life, and I am being devoured by the black snakes of lust, greed, anger, envy and so on. O mother Vrindavana! When will you lift me out of this well, and give me shelter on your lap.” (Vrinadavan Mahimamrita 1.88)

gṛhāndha-kūpepatitaḥkadāmām, uddhṛtyamūḍhaṁkrpayāsvayaiva
kāmādi-kālāhi-guṇairnigīrṇaṁ, mātevavṛndāṭavineṣyase’ṅkam

Pavana Radhe tero nama, pavanasri Vrindavana Dhama! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

In the beginning of the rasa lila, Bhagavan Sri Krishna says something very special to Srimati Radharani. Krishna’s words are very inspiring and encouraging to all the fortunate devotees now living in Vrndavana Dhama performing Krishna bhakti bhajan, or to any devotees planning to live here in the future.

The great rasika acarya Sri Visvanatha Cakravartipada mercifully reveals the golden promise of parama bhakta vatsala, Bhagavan Sri Govinda Gopala thus:

“Acyuta Sri Krishna says, ‘O Radha! You are always bathing in a matchless nectar of sweet affection (anupama sneha amrta snana)! I want You to know something. It is my unbroken vow and promise (me vratam abranam) that anyone who comes to My Vrndavana and lives here, serving Me, doing bhakti bhajan, and looking and searching for Me, I guarantee that I will keep that person deep in My heart. And I will always look after his/her needs and take complete care of them. This is My solemn promise.” (Krishna Bhavanamrta 19.2)

Jai Sri Krishna! Great words of encouragement to live in Vraja doing Krishna bhakti bhajan, and to come to Vraja for bhajan. Living in Vrndavana means being accepted directly into the heart of Sri Krishna. He is personally saying that here, and that He will take care of everyone in Vrndavana.

Krishna is telling this to Radharani, the eternal Empress of Vraja, Vrndavanesvari. Indeed, any Vrndavana nivasi Vaisnava will always cherish in their hearts this most wonderful golden promise of satya-sankalpa, Syamasundara Bhagavan.

In 1958, to practice Vraja bhajan, Srila Prabhupada left everything he had in the world to live in Sridhama Vrndavana. In that first year in Vraja, he wrote the following emotionally packed poem “Vrndavana Bhajan”. Here are a few pure devotional effusions from that work which clearly reveal the extraordinary power of living in Vrndavana and doing Krishna bhajan.


Srila Prabhupada said:

“Again and again making plans, and again and again they are destroyed.

Sometimes he falls on the dry earth and sometimes in the mud.

In this way the universe is filled with wandering jiva souls

who finally by the grace of Guru and Krishna

get bhakti, the eternal wealth.” (folio: EA 23-7)


Srila Prabhupada said:

“But everyone is your relative, your brother on the spiritual platform

This relationship is not tinged with the smell of maya.

The Supreme Lord is the soul of everyone,

In relation to Him, everyone in the universe is the same.”

“All are your relatives, brothers! All the billions of jivas.

When seen in relation to Krishna they are all in harmony.

Forgetting Krishna, the jiva [living entity] desires sense gratification,

And as a result he is firmly grasped by maya!” (folio: EA 23-4)


Srila Prabhupada said,

“Everyone has abandoned me, seeing me as penniless

Wife, relatives, friends, brothers, everyone.

This is misery, but it gives me a laugh. I sit alone and laugh.

In this maya-samsara, whom do I really love?”

“Where have all my loving fathers and mothers gone to now?

And where are all my elders, who were my own folk?

Who will give me news of them, tell me who?

All that is left of this family life is a list of names.”

“Gaining the wealth of Krishna bhakti,

then he can give up all other so-called wealth,

Then very easily he crosses over the ocean of samsara.

There on the other side is unparalled spiritual variegatedness.

There he enjoys eternal happiness and peace.” (folio: EA 23-2)

Vrndavana bhajan ki jai! Srila Prabhupada ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!