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By: Mahanidhi Swami

Many yogis meditate on the seven chakras, psychic energy centers within the human body, and on the anahata naad (shabda). This anahata naad is the unstruck mysticsound. It is not the sound produced by striking or beating something. It is an internal sound heard within the cave of the heart during the deep stage of meditation. The Yoga sastras state that there are from 5 —- 13 different sounds, i.e., sea waves, bells, conch etc.; which are perceivable within the heart during deep concentration. Of all these sounds, yogis say that when one hears the flute sound, his entire being is permeated with Divine bliss and he loses body consciousness.

The result of the flute sound resembles the experience of the elegant young ladies of Vraja who faint in ecstasy upon hearing Syama’s sweet song. Upon hearing the bewildering sound of Syama’s murali, doe-eyed damsels become stunned. Their heads pins and their jeweled tiaras whirl and fall off. Abandoning all other duties, the sakhis scurry off to meet Syama.

Acaryas say Krsna’s flute sound is the Mahamantra svarupa, the very form of the greatest mesmerising mantra. At the beginning of the Rasa dance, Syama engages the spell-binding magic of this Mahamantra to bring His beloveds to His side. The sweet seductive sound of Syama’s murali is hidden within the all-powerful Kama Gayatri chanted meticulously everyday by yogis of devotion, Krsna’s bhaktas.

“ O Syama! O all-attractive flute player of Vraja! When will you cast your spell on me and call me to your side by manifesting the Mahamantra of your enchanting flute song as I chant mystic Kama Gayatri. Other than this, I have no other desire or kama.”

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!!