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By: Mahanidhi Swami

One day in Goloka Vrindavana, Shyama sat alone under the shade of a beautiful flowering kadamba tree that was filling the entire forest with a sweet fragrance reminiscent of Radharani. Becoming absorbed in vivid memories of His sweet beloved, Krishna started spontaneously glorifying Gandharvika Radha with the choicest of words full of love and genuine realization of Radhika’s grandeur.

Brilliant green parrots gathered in the branches, curious innocent deer collected nearby, and swans floated in the peaceful waters of the Yamuna. All were stunned in bliss and spellbound in amazement to hear what Shyama was saying.

Sri Krishna, musing to Himself, said, “I am the complete, spiritual Absolute Truth. I am made of unlimited self-effulgent bliss, yet Radharani’s love drives Me mad. I just can’t understand the power of Radha’s prema by which Kishori forever overwhelms Me! Everyone everywhere says I am the adi-guru, the spiritual master of the universe. But now I realize the truth is this:

rädhikära prema guru, ämi çiñya naöa

sadä ämä nänä nåtye, näcäya udbhaöa

“The prema of Radhika is My Guru, and I am dancing as Her disciple. Radha’s inconceivable love makes Me dance in various novel ways.”

“It is now very clear to Me that Rädhä’s love is all-pervading, leaving no room for expansion. But still Madhura-mukhi’s love keeps expanding constantly. Although there is certainly nothing greater than Priyaji’s love, Radha does not show a drop of pride. This is solid proof of the greatness of My Radharani!

“Nothing is purer than Shyama-priya’s love. But Vaidagdhi Radha always acts in contrary and crooked ways. Although Rädhä’s love is pure like a mirror, its purity increases at every moment. There is no one in this world except Radha that is more qualified than Me. In Radha’s presence alone I can find pleasure.

“Seeing Rädhäräëé gives pleasure to My eyes. The sweet words of Çrématé enchant My ears, and the naturally sweet scent of Rädhäräëé’s limbs captivates My mind and heart. I am charmed by the nectarean taste of Radha’s luscious lips, and completely refreshed by the cooling caress of Kishori beautiful limbs. The incomparable beauty and attributes of Çré Rädhikä are My life and soul! Nothing satisfies My eyes more that gazing upon Bhanu-tanya’s delightful form. The happiness I feel meeting Rädhäräëé is a hundred times greater than the happiness I get from anyone else.”

Somehow by the will of Providence, that very Queen of Shyama’s heart suddenly appeared at that lonely spot beside the Yamuna. Seizing this rare opportunity to flatter the cherished treasure of His heart, Gopinatha said, “O My dear auspicious Rädhäräëé! Your divinely attractive body is the source of all beauty. O Sulochana, Your radiant cherry-red lips are softer than the sense of immortal sweetness. O Pranapriya, the effulgent orb of Your perfectly shaped lotus face bears the aroma of a lotus flower. O Radha, Your heart touching, honey sweet words silence the soothing warbling of the cuckoo. O Devi, Your shapely golden limbs are cooler than the pulp of sandalwood. O Shyamaa, all My senses are totally overwhelmed in ecstatic pleasure by being with You, who are completely decorated by beautiful qualities.” (Cc. Adi 4)

Sri Krishna Prema ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!