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Mahanidhi Swami

Our Gaudiya Vaisnava sastras conclude that if you want to relish the unlimited waves of bliss derived from humbly serving Sri Krishna’s intimate amorous pastimes with the gopis of Vrajabhumi, then you must:

1) Humbly, attentively, and lovingly serve the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani—the ultimate abodes of everything sweet, wonderful and auspicious.

2) Submissively with the greatest respect for all beings, take shelter of Sridhama Vrndavana, which is forever blessed, glorified and adorned with the most colorful, fragrant and beautiful lotus flower named Radhika.

3) Associate with the rasika Vaisnavas, who are sold out to Sri Radha, relishing the intimacies of their sambandha with Sriji, and overflowing with Kishori’s compassion to satisfy the hearts of the sincere.

4) Regularly hear, discuss, reflect upon, and hanker to attain the completely pure and immaculate divine love that Radha-Madhava forever relish in Their intertwined hearts full of mutual dedication.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe! Radha-Govinda Yugala’s nitya-seva ki jai!