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Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

“In unalloyed love of Godhead we have to engage our senses, sar vendriya, all the senses. This means that sex is also to be engaged in Krsna consciousness. The conception of God as father or mother (vatsalya-rasa), does not allow engagement of one’s sex in the service of the Lord, because there is no sexual relationship with the father and mother. But in the conception of God as a lover, there is sexual engagement also. Therefore, Caitanya Mahaprabhu gave the most perfect information of our engagement with the Supreme Lord.”

“Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu informs us that one can even have sexual engagement with the Lord. This information is Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s unique contribution. In this material world, sexual engagement is considered to be the highest engagement, the greatest pleasure, although it exists only in a perverted form. No one, however, has conceived that there can be sexual engagement in the spiritual world. There is not a single instance of such theology anywhere in the entire world. This information is given for the first time by Caitanya Mahaprabhu; one can have the Supreme Personality of Godhead as one’s husband, as one’s lover.”

“This is possible in the worship of Radha and Krsna, but no one, especially impersonalists can understand Radha-Krsna. The impersonalists have no idea; they cannot even conceive that God has form. But Caitanya Mahaprabhu says that not only does God have form, but He has sex life also. This is the highest contribution of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.” (HDG Srila Prabhupada from book “Science of Self Realisation” SSR)

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

If one chants this great prayer with faith and transcendental devotion on Lord Caitanya’s appearance day [Gaura-Pūrṇima], then one perpetually attains the fulfillment of their each and every pure desire.

nāmaskṛtya pravakṣyāmi, deva-devaṁ jagad-gurum
nāmnām-aṣṭottara-śataṁ, caitanyasya mahātmanāh

“Oh great soul! After offering obeisances unto the Lord of Lords, Who is the spiritual master of the entire universe, I will now narrate 108 holy names of Lord Caitanya.

viśvambharo jita-krodho, māyā-mānuṣa-vigrāhaḥ
amāyi māyināṁ śreṣṭo, varo-deśo dvijottamaḥ

Gaurāṅga sustains the universe, is victorious over the influence of mundane anger, and He assumes the illusory form of a human. He is bereft of fradulent behavior, is the foremost of cheaters, appears in the best of lands and is the ultimate brāhmaṇa.

jagannātha-priyā-sutaḥ, pitr-bhakto mahā-manāh
lakṣmī-kāntaḥ śacī-putrāh, premado bhakta-vātsalaḥ

Gaurāṅga is the dearest son of Jagannātha Miśra, Gaurāṅga is the devotee of His father, and He has great mental power. He is the beloved husband of the Goddess of Fortune, the son of mother Śacī, the bestower of ecstatic loving devotion, and He is very affectionate to His devotees.

dvija-priyā dvija-varo, vaiṣṇava-prāna-nāyakaḥ
dvi-jāti-pūjakaḥ śāntaḥ, śrīvāsa-priyā īśvaraḥ

Gaurāṅga is dear to the twice-initiated brāhmaṇas, He is the best among the brāhmaṇas, and He is the hero of the devotee’s life and soul. He worships the brāhmaṇas. He is peaceful and saintly. He is very dear to Śrīvāsa Paṇḍita, and He is the supreme controller.

tapta-kāñcana-gaurāṅgaḥ, simha-grīvo mahā-bhujaḥ
pīta-vāsā rakta-paṭṭaḥ, ṣaḍ-bhujo ’tha catur-bhujaḥ

His complexion is like molten gold, His neck is like a lion’s, His arms are very muscular. He wears yellow cloth [as householder] and red cloth as a sannyāsī. He exhibits a six-armed form and also a four-armed form.

dvi-bhujaś ca gadā-pāṇiḥ, cakrī padma-dharo ‘malaḥ
pāñca-janya-dharaḥ śārṅgī, veṇu-pāniḥ surottamaḥ

Gaurāṅga exhibits a two-armed form, holds the mace, discus, lotus, and He is sinless. He holds the pāñcajanya conch shell, the bow, the flute, and is the foremost of the demigods.

kamalākṣeśvaraḥ prīto, gopa-līlādharo yuvā
nīla-ratna-dharo rupya, hārī kaustubha-bhūṣaṇaḥ

Gaurāṅga is the Lord of the lotus-eyed Lakṣmī. He is beloved to all living beings. He is the abode of cowherding pastimes and is supremely youthful. He likes to wear sapphires, silver necklaces, and is adorned with the kaustubha gem.

śrīvatsa-lāñchano bhāsvan, maṇi-dhṛk kañja-locanaḥ
tāṭaṅka-nīla-śrīḥ rudra, līlā-kārī guru-priyāḥ

Gaurāṅga is decorated with the mark of Śrīvatsa and His form is embellished with many brilliant jewels. He has lotus-petal-shaped eyes. His majesty is enhanced by sapphire earrings. He sometimes enacts the pastimes of Lord Śiva, and He is very dear to His spiritual master.

sva-nāma-guṇa-vaktā ca, nāmopadeśa-dāyakaḥ
ācāṇḍāla-priyāḥ śuddhaḥ, sarva-prāṇi-hite rataḥ

Gaurāṅga is aware of the attributes of His own holy names. He imparts teachings about the holy names. He is dear even to the lowest of outcastes. His character is totally immaculate. He is engaged in the welfare of all living beings.

viśvarūpānujaḥ sandhyā, vatāraḥ-śītalāśayaḥ
niḥsīma-karuṇo gupta, ātma-bhakti-pravartakaḥ

Gaurāṅga is the younger brother of Viśvarūpa. He incarnated during dusk. He wants to cool the burning sufferings of living beings. His compassion is limitless. He is very secretive. He preaches devotion unto the true self.

mahānando naṭo nṛtya, gīta-nāma-priyāḥ kaviḥ
ārti-priyāḥ śuciḥ śuddho, bhāvado bhagavat-priyāḥ

Gaurāṅga is absorbed in the greatest bliss. He behaves as a dramatic actor, and is fond of dancing, singing, and chanting holy names. He is a learned scholar and poet. He is dear to those who are suffering. He is meticulously clean and spotlessly pure. He confers ecstatic loving emotions. He is intimate with the great devotees.

indrādi-sarva-lokeśa, vandita-śrī-padāmbujaḥ
nyāsi-cūḍāmaṇiḥ kṛṣṇa, sannyāsāśrama-pāvanaḥ

Gaurāṅga’s divine lotus feet are worshiped by Lord Indra and all the rulers of various heavenly planets. He is the crest-jewel of renunciates. He is the all-attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the purifier of the renounced order.

caitanyaḥ kṛṣṇa-caitanyo, daṇḍa-dhṛg nyasta-daṇḍakaḥ
avadhūta-priyo nityā, nanda-ṣaḍ-bhuja-darśakaḥ

Gaurāṅga is the all-attractive living force of all creation. He carries the staff of the renounced order, and also abandons it. He is dear to Śrī Nityānanda Prabhu, the divine madman. He shows His six-armed form to Nityānanda.

mukunda-siddhi-do dīno, vāsudevāmṛta-pradaḥ
gadādhara-prāṇa-nātha, ārti-hā śarana-pradaḥ

Gaurāṅga gives perfection to His devotee Mukunda. He behaves with meek and humble mannerisms. He gives nectar to his devotee Vāsudeva, the leper. He is the Lord of the life of Gadādhara Paṇḍita. He removes the distress of His devotees. He bestows ultimate shelter to His devotees.

akiñcana-priyāḥ prāṇo, guṇa-grāhī jitendriyaḥ
adoṣa-darśī sumukho, madhuraḥ priyā-darśanaḥ

Gaurāṅga is dear to those who possess nothing. He is the life and soul of all creation. He accepts only the good qualities of others. He is victorious over the influence of the material senses. He is blind to the faults of others. He has a pleasant face and is supremely sweet. He is very precious to behold.

pratāpa-rudra-saṁtrātā, rāmānanda-priyo guruḥ
ananta-guṇa-sampannaḥ, sarva-tīrthaika-pāvanaḥ

Gaurāṅga delivers Mahārāja Pratāparudra from obstacles. He is the beloved of Rāmānanda Rāya. He is the spiritual master of every living being. He is endowed with limitless good qualities. He is the sole purifier of all places of pilgrimage.

vaikuṇṭha-nātho lokeśo, bhaktābhimata-rūpa-dhṛk
nārāyaṇo mahā-yogī, jñāna-bhakti-pradaḥ prabhuḥ

Gaurāṅga is the Lord of the anxiety-free spiritual world, and of all material planets. He assumes different forms according to the desires of His devotees. He is the supreme shelter for all living beings. He is the greatest performer of yoga. He imparts intellectual knowledge of devotion. He is the Lord and Master of all.

pīyūṣa-vacanaḥ pṛthvī, pāvanaḥ satya-vāk sahaḥ
oḍa-deśa-janānandī, sandohāmṛta-rūpa-dhṛk

Gaurāṅga’s words emit showers of pure nectar. He is the savior of the earth. He speaks truthfully. He can endure all forms of misery. He delights the people of Orissa. He embodies the form of all universal nectar.

yaḥ paṭhed prātar utthāya, caitanyasya mahātmanaḥ
śraddhayā parayopetaḥ, stotraṁ sarvāgha-nāśanam
prema-bhaktir harau tasya, jāyate nātra saṁśayaḥ

Oh great soul! It is recommended that in the morning [6-8:24a.m.], one faithfully approach and recite this transcendental sin-destroying prayer to Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu. One who does will feel the awakening of ecstatic loving devotion unto Lord Hari; of this there is no doubt.

asādhya-roga-yukto ‘pi, mucyate roga-saṅkaṭāt
sarvāparādha-yukto’pi, so ‘parādhāt pramucyate

Even if one is afflicted with an incurable disease, one becomes freed from all danger of the ailment. Even if one has committed all types of offenses, one becomes freed from their effects.

phālguṇī-paurṇamāsyān tu, caitanya-janma-vāsare
śraddhayā parayā bhaktyā, mahā-stotraṁ japan puraḥ
yad yat prakurute kāmaṁ, tat tad evācirāl labhet

If one chants this great prayer with faith and transcendental devotion on Lord Caitanya’s appearance day [Gaura-Pūrṇima], then one perpetually attains the fulfillment of their each and every pure desire.

aputro vaiṣṇavaṁ putraṁ, labhate nātra saṁśayaḥ
ante caitanya-devasya, smṛtir bhavati śāśvatī

If a devotee couple wishes to have a child but are unable, then they will obtain a child without a doubt. And at the time of death, they will attain remembrance of Śrī Caitanya-deva and enter His eternal pastimes.”

Jagannātha Miśra called His divine son Viśvambhara and Mother Śacī called Him Nimāi. The name Gaurāṅga was given when He took the sacred thread [brāhmaṇa dīkśā]. At school they called Him Nimāi Paṇḍita. His devotees called Him Gaura, Prabhu, or Śrī Gaurāṅga. His last name was Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya because He was engaged in awakening Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the Supreme Lord, in the hearts of men.

“Because the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gaurāṅga is full of bliss, He attracts everyone’s heart. That is His extraordinary nature. Supremely blissful, He can make the living entities also blissful, just as a wealthy person can make someone else wealthy. Gaurāṅga fills everyone’s heart with wonder. That is the sign of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” (Sri Caitanya candramrita)

“After the disappearance of Lord Caitanya, it was Lord Nityānanda Prabhu who revealed the true nature of Śrī Gaurāṅga Mahāprabhu to the world. Raising His hands in the air, Lord Nityānanda distributed unlimited mercy by preaching, ‘Come spirit souls of Kali-yuga. Give up this hypocrisy. Just accept the pure ecstatic love of Śrī Gaurāṅga! Give up the troublesome paths of karma and jñāna which aim only at physical and mental comforts. I will give you unlimited happiness without trouble, loss, pain or payment.’

“Just shout the name ‘Gaurāṅga! Gaurāṅga! Gaurāṅga!’ and dance with abandon. The happiness that I am giving is beyond compare. This transcendental happiness is pure, positive, ecstatic, eternal spiritual bliss. It is totally beyond illusion.” (Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya)

bhaja gaurāṅga, koho gaurāṅga
loho gaurāṅgera nāma re
bhaja gaurāṅga, bhaja gaurāṅga
bhaja gaurāṅga nāma re

Worship Gaurāṅga! Speak Gaurāṅga! And chant the name of Gaurāṅga! Worship Gaurāṅga, worship the name of Gaurāṅga! (Caitanya Bhagavat)