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Mahanidhi Swami


One day in Vraja, while Srimati Radharani was playing with Govinda, She noticed the intense emotions of one new manjari, a nava-kinkari.

Radha, who just naturally overflows with love for Her dasis, then held that manjari tightly to Her bosom.

Feeling overwhelmed with joy, that nava-dasi then prayed to Radha’s dearest, “O Madhava, You are the pinnacle of divine bliss. With Your brilliant white teeth, mild smile, and blossoming lotus-like beautiful face You enchant the entire world. Please bathe me in the nectar of service at the lotus feet of Your dearly beloved Radhika.

Continuing, nava-dasi prayed, “All glories to you Shyamasundara! You defeat billions and billions of Cupids with Your slightest sweet, flirtatious gesture. O sweet smiler! You are the embodiment of supreme bliss. Please bless me with service to Your Priyaji.”

Hearing nava-dasi’s heartfelt words, Govinda looked at her with smiling lotus eyes, bathing her in the rainfall of His full affection. After that, by the mercy of Radha Govinda Yugala, nava-dasi started performing all kinds of intimate service.

She was so expert in seva that Radha-Madhava always kept her nearby. Thus nava-dasi was fully sheltered in the seva of Radha-Krishna. (Sangita Madhava, Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati) Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Once an anxiety-ridden young cowherd maiden, who desired nothing but the direct vision and service of Radha Govinda, fell down at the feet of her own guru-sakhi and Sri Radha’s dearmost sakhis.

That tender-hearted manjari cried out, “O my dear sakhis! I can no longer hold my peace. Please tell me where I can find the divine transcendental lovers Radha-Krishna enjoying their pastimes!”

Seeing the depths of this new maiden’s emotion (sadhana siddha manjari), the sakhis’ hearts melted with affection. Then they took that nava manjari to see Krishnachandra and His pleasure giving sweetheart Radha.

While showing the Divine Couple to the manjari, the sakhis sang:

“O sakhi just gaze upon Gandharvika’s gorgeous form with Her hairbraids entwined with a delicate garland of sweet jasmines. Radha’s  amorous affairs with Shyama fill the universe with waves of unlimited delight. O new maiden! Just see how Kishora is flooded by  waves of nectar from touching Srimati. And Radha in turn is dizzy from the loving sensations twirling Her delicate heart. Just see how Radha’s every limb is thrilled in bliss.”

As the young gopi admired Priyaji, she thought, ‘What am I seeing? Is Radha the very life force of Cupid personified? Is Radha the source of all lovliness in the universe? Or perhaps Radha is the life and soul of Sri Madhusudana?’ Gazing at the Divine Youthful Couple, the new manjari immersed in an ocean of prema.

Upon regaining her composure, Nava-dasi, her eyes welling with tears of joy began praying to Kishori-mani.  “O Radhe! Please make me Your padadasi. Please teach me the deep feelings and artistic gestures that accompany Your self-composed songs. Then I will expertly sing them to please You and Your Priyatama.” (Sangita Madhava, Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati) Singing for Radha ki jai! First darshana of Lila Yugala ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!