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Mahanidhi Swami

A raganuga sadhaka pursuing the madhurya bhakti of the Vraja ragatmika gopis of Sri Krishna will concentrate on the sevas and feelings of a few manjari dasis of Sri Radhika.

The goal of a manjari bhava sadhaka is the seva and pleasure of Srimati Radharani. The sadhaka will read and meditate upon all the sevas performed by different manjari’s i.e. Sri Rupa Manjari and Rati/Tulasi.

The manjari bhava sadhaka will think, “I am assisting and serving side by side with Radhika’s nitya-siddha manjaris, and my individual guru sakhi and parama guru sakhi in various ways for Srimati’s satisfaction as described in Vilapa Kusumanjali, Govinda-lilamrta, Sankalpa Kalpadrum etc. One should also think that sometimes I am alone with Radha to personally perform all these sevas for Radha’s pleasure throughout the day and night.

When reading about the sevas, sentiments, and interactions of Sri Rupa-manjari, Tulasi-manjari and others, I try to visualize and relish their exchanges with Radhika, with Krishna, and with each another. I try my best to identify with their feelings of oneness with Srimati Radharani.

As Srimati Radhika’s kinkari or loving maidservant, I have tad bhava icchatmika bhava or devotion. This means that I only desire to identify with, nourish and experience the sentiments and feelings (madhurya-bhava) within the heart of Sri Radhika, who is the sole Mistress of my life.

“O Srimati, my life is sharing Your sentiments, not enjoying Your Shyama.”

I am totally made of seva. I exist only to please and satisfy Radha in every possible way throughout the day. Radha’s joy is my joy and Radha’s distress is my distress.

“O Swamini Sri Radha! I’m also trying my best to become bhava tadatmya, which means that I am exactly one in feeling with You—one heart, one mind and one life: YOURS. O Sriji! You never have to tell me what You need or what to do. I know it already because You are in my heart and I’m in Yours—ETERNALLY!”

Whatever Radha needs or feels immediately produces a thought within the manjari to offer that exact seva at that moment. Because of her oneness in heart with Radharani, the Radha bhava tadatmya manjari directly experiences the bliss and ecstasy that Rasa-vilasini Radha relishes with Rasabihari Shyama.

But at all times, the focus of the manjari is Radha’s pleasure, and not relishing the paramount euphoria of sharing the quality but never the quantity of Radhika’s mahabhava. Removing Radha’s anxieties and rendering expert, pleasing sevas to Radha is the only activity of a manjari. It’s her life and soul. This angle of vision coupled with a humble seva bhava automatically fills the manjari with supreme bliss. For the sadhaka and the siddha—Seva Is bliss!”

“O Radha, please feel my heart crying in the loneliness of Your separation! I am Yours! For even a second, I cannot live without Your most trusted, intimate seva. O Priyaji, please just once look my way and take this fallen wretch to Your sweet lotus feet.”

Sri Radha’s nitya Vraja kunja seva ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe! Sri Vraja Dhama ki jai!

Mahanidhi Swami

Once the members of a huge world-wide preaching mission were asked to list 11 points of behavior that they would “like to see in their spiritual mentors”. Many talk devotion, but way too few show devotion!

Here’s the list for everyone to imbibe and live by. By implementing these 11 loving, devotional behavior expressions in one’s life, one will see his/her bhakti lata grow by leaps and bounds while producing lush green leaves and divinely sweet petite purple flowers. Jai Radhe!


  1. Regularly serve prasada.
  2. Are generous.
  3. Push others forward.
  4. Genuinely care for others’ welfare.
  5. Instruct disciples to honor god brothers and sisters.
  6. Are inclusive instead of exclusive.
  7. Live very simply.
  8. Sometimes joke and laugh with us, not at us.
  9. Apologize after making mistakes.
  10. Ask others what they want to do to please Krishna.
  11. Don’t insist on being served.

Vaisnava seva ki jai! Trnad api… Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!