Vaisnava Means Ten Things

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das Whether a Vaisnava is in the category of a mukta purusa, siddha, uttama, madhyama, or kanishta, all Vaisnavas do the following: * Accepts Gopala mantra diksa from a qualified Guru *Daily worship Sri Krishna *Daily…

Are You a Vaisnava?

Mahanidhi Swami   About anyone who is even slightly inclined to Krishna bhakti, we often hear people say, “O, this person is a good devotee, a nice Vaisnava!” But exactly how does one define who is and who is not a Vaisnava,…

Expert Means Do It Nicely

Mahanidhi Swami One day Sri Chaitanyadeva sat with Sri Sanatana Goswami and told him about the 26 qualities of a Vaisnava. (Cc. 2.22.78-80) Mahaprabhu mentioned daksha, being expert, as one of them. In Bhagavad-gita (12.16), Sri Krishna…